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                           Ashraf Souleiman June 21, 2023

In my conversations with banking senior managers, I hear a lot of uncertainty about the fast-evolving financial landscape and how to best position the organization for success. My advice is unwavering: Look to open banking.

Open banking is revolutionizing the industry by promising greater transparency, enhanced customer experiences and improved competition. As opposed to the traditional “closed banking” model, open banking gives customers greater control over their financial data. This paradigm shift is being driven by an array of factors, including a regulatory push, customer expectations, technological advancements and competition from fintechs.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the challenges open banking presents for financial institutions. There’s no question that the industry will need to address security and data privacy concerns, as well as technical challenges like developing standardized APIs and data sharing protocols. However, the potential benefits of open banking far outweigh these challenges. Financial institutions can remain competitive by offering personalized experiences and embracing this new model that is reshaping the industry.

Two strategic options for open banking success

To succeed in the open banking landscape, financial institutions should consider two strategic options:

  • Focus on becoming back-end service providers, emphasizing standards and compliance. In this model, banks provide the infrastructure and data governance necessary for third-party providers to offer innovative services to customers. This standards-driven approach ensures a secure, reliable platform that meets regulatory requirements.
  • Prioritize owning and expanding customer relationships by providing an unparalleled digital banking experience. In this model, banks serve as the primary point of contact for customers, offering tailored financial products and services. By focusing on the customer experience, banks can build trust and loyalty while offering value-added products and services.

Open banking solutions

At Brillio, we offer solutions designed to help financial institutions thrive in an open banking world:

  • Our open banking adoption framework provides a roadmap and best practices for navigating complex regulatory and technical requirements, helping banks accelerate their open banking initiatives.
  • Our innovation platform, which includes a sandbox and developer portal, encourages third-party innovation by offering a secure, reliable platform for developers to build and test new applications and services on top of the bank’s infrastructure.
  • Our next-generation ecosystem leverages an API-first approach and cloud-native platform to drive innovation and scalability, helping banks become more agile and responsive to changing market demands.

The open banking future

Embracing open banking is crucial for banks to remain competitive in today’s financial landscape. While doing so involves big changes, banks can succeed by focusing on their strategic options and working with available open banking adoption frameworks, innovation platforms and next-generation ecosystems. There’s never been a better time for financial institutions to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation as we enter the open banking era.

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Ashraf Souleiman

Ashraf is a seasoned technology executive with over 23 years of experience in the information technology and service industry. He currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance at Brillio, where he leads the company’s BFSI vertical growth by building domain solutions.

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