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As core modernization, individualized customer journeys and sustainability come of age in the banking, financial services and insurance industries, technology – as always – plays a pivotal role in enabling risk-managed growth. From Green Banking, Open Banking to Payments Modernization, Digital Lending and Sustainable Finance, Brillio transforms FIs into a customer-obsessed, modern enterprise. 

As a partner of choice for digital transformation, Brillio has influenced business metrics including 35% reduction in risk, 40% cost savings, 75% faster time to insights. Our clients appreciate our white-glove service with anytime access to our experts, the most. 


Segments in Spotlight: Our Focus Areas​

Retail & Commercial Banking

Revolutionize banking experiences for individuals and businesses, leveraging digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies for enhanced financial interactions. ​

Cards & Payments

Enable seamless transactions and modern payment experiences across embedded, instant, mass and high value payment chains for retail and commercial enterprises ​

Asset & Wealth Management

Reimagine business models to stay relevant and drive competitive advantage through relevant products that improve the financial well-being of your customers. ​


Engineer smart products and platforms that provide seamless experiences and effectively mitigate risks for your customers. ​


Fuelling Success: Our Powerhouse ​​ Capabilities

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Open Banking

Unlock innovation and compliance with our cutting-edge Open Banking solution. Unleash the full potential of Open Banking APIs, fortified by unrivaled security measures and unwavering regulatory compliance.

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Payments Modernization

Take a leap forward with cutting-edge integrated payment experiences that enable new revenue streams and effectively mitigate risk and fraud, ensuring the delivery of secure, seamless payments.

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Digital Lending

Empower clients with tailored lending options driven by AI and data insights. Streamline processes, reduce risks, and enhance customer experiences for a competitive edge in lending services.

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Sustainable Finance

Embrace eco-conscious practices, offer ethical investments, and manage ESG risks. Enhance brand reputation, attract socially responsible clients, and drive positive environmental impact in the financial landscape.

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Risk Management and Compliance

Ensure unwavering compliance with ever-evolving regulations, safeguard operations through vigilant, proactive risk mitigation, and nurture trust in the constantly shifting regulatory landscape.

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Financial Products and Platforms

Engineer transformative financial products and platforms that help customers across Banking, Cards & Payments, Asset & Wealth Management, and Insurance to generate new revenue streams.

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