/API Design and Architecture Consulting

In a digitally connected world, APIs serve as the secret enabler, stitching together new business models and ensuring faster time to market. Guided by our proprietary design-thinking methodology, Brillio helps businesses succeed by leveraging MuleSoft’s approach to API Design and Architecture resulting in seamless customer experiences.

/Design-led Reengineering

Brillio’s design-led reengineering approach allows customers to reuse and scale the existing systems to elevate their experience.Our partnership with MuleSoft further helps to reduce cost on new implementations and integration resulting in an improved ROI for clients.

/Containerization and Microservices Development

Microservices and containerization technologies to develop and scale applications have proven to be useful in software development. Our partnership with MuleSoft helps leverage these technologies to provide businesses with infrastructure optimization, greater modularity and quicker deployment. We offer end-to-end support resulting in more resilient, scalable and portable technology-enabled solutions.

/Maintenance, Support and Optimization

Minimal maintenance and development requirements make MuleSoft a highly recommended platform to build connected experiences at warp speed. MuleSoft’s platform offers businesses a better path to design, develop and deploy APIs with faster integration, resulting in an efficient ecosystem for clients.

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