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In the noisy digital world, organizations are searching for tools that empower them with relevant content from social media and other digital sources. Brillio’s Voice of Customer (VoC) solution uses the power of advanced analytics to mine information from tons of conversations across the social media and other digital mediums, and turn them into actionable business insights.

The platform takes input from structured and unstructured data, which can be internal sources (like emails, surveys, recorded call data, IVR, chat, web) and external sources (like social media, blogs, product review sites) and decodes conversations. The VoC platform then converts the chatter across all of these digital platforms into meaningful metrics for enhanced decision making. The application cuts across all business functions like marketing, product development, operations, human resources, and customer service.

Where does Brillio VoC generate impact:

  • Higher velocity of engagement: Achieving higher levels of engagement in varied areas, for example marketing communications resulted from better understanding of people/customers preferences through deep sentiment analysis
  • Product Development Improvements: Understanding the critical feedback/opinions of customers quickly aids in bringing new products or tweaking existing ones for higher satisfaction and appeal.
  • Improved Customer Segmentation: The identification of patterns can help discover more accurately to specific segments, which will leverage improved campaign targeting, targeting for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, drive consumer support for products and ultimately increase revenues.
  • People Satisfaction: Accurate Prediction for retention, attrition, and churn rates etc.

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