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Accelerating Business Transformation
Into Cloud-First Enterprises

Businesses moving to Cloud technology is a strategic decision and requires careful consideration on multiple aspects of the migration – the IT shift, platforms, latest technologies, cost, business outcomes, scalability and more. Our global team of experts helps you right from decision-making to deployment, helping modernize and migrate existing infrastructure into secure, multi-cloud environments, seamlessly.


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CloudAdapt – Assessment services through Digital Index

The assessment approach follows a bi-modal strategy which comprises of a top-down applications dimension and bottom-up infrastructure dimension. This is accelerated by our Digitization Maturity Assessment Framework – Digital Index.

Multi-Cloud Cloud Migration services

Powered by CLIP™ our migration factory employs right-fit tools to execute a carefully curated migration strategy. Risk extenuated approach adopts a progressive model and constitutes a fall-back strategy for Rehost, Re-platform, Re-envision, Repurchase and Retire.

Zero Ops Framework led Cloud Managed Services

Leveraging Intelligent automation, DevSecOps, and advanced analytics to drive operational/cost efficiencies and provide best in class customer experience; ensuring maximal business outcomes with minimal operations.

Intelligent Networks

Secure and Adaptive Network solutions powered by CLIP Connect that enable digital enterprises with end-to-end visibility; into the internet, the cloud and their internal networks for unified service assurance, predictive insights, and auto-healing.

Cloud DevSecOps

DevSecOps solutions and accelerators help in realizing Security as a Code, bringing the best of both worlds of Rapid Delivery and Secure Code, across all stages of application development and delivery operations in the cloud.


We Do It

Digital Index to Improve Business Outcomes

Digital Index is used to continuously evaluate and track the digitization scale maturity of an organization against industry benchmarks across Cloud Computing, Automation & Analytics and DevSecOps.

The index insights are used for transforming process operations, optimizing costs and improving business outcomes.

Cloud Life Cycle Management driven through CLIP

Brillio leverages its proprietary platform ( CLIP™) to accelerate your cloud adoption.

Benefits: Cloud environment: We ensure end-to-end visibility into cloud services utilization and expenses across multiple accounts and/or services.

The Extensible Platform supports modular and agile plugin architecture. It simplifies management through an intuitive web-based user interface (UI) integrated with visually interactive dashboards.

Auto-Grid Balancing Using Blockchain

The energy and utility industry is at a place where innovation is paramount for longevity. And, Blockchain has enormous potential given the amount of data managed and how it is collected and shared. Leveraging the Blockchain platform to balance the demand and supply of electricity is leading the establishment of a new dynamic for the industry.

SAP on Azure

World’s First SAP On Azure Migration – Heterogeneous migration of the On-Premise SAP ecosystem with multiple landscapes to the Azure environment. Enterprises planning to modernize their infrastructure find it difficult to reduce capital expenses and streamline operations while using on-premise SAP solutions. Brillio’s Migration strategy leverage MS Interoperability to redefine the SAP and Microsoft developer landscape with shorter development cycles, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. Brillio leverages its proprietary cloud infrastructure platform ( CLIP™) to assess your environment and requirements. Brillio’s CLIP™ is integrated with industry best monitoring tools for SAP Workload Monitoring & Management.

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