Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Reimagine your sales process with Brillio’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution, built for today’s modern enterprise looking to transform and automate their operations. Increase subscription revenue, accelerate the Quote to Cash process and close more deals than ever before. Brillio’s CPQ solution helps sales teams spend more time selling by enabling quick and error-free quote creation through guided selling and product recommendations that are specific to the needs of their customer. Harness the power of fast sales cycles, trustworthy pricing data, and upsell opportunities.


The consumer of today accepts nothing less than innovative, personalized experiences that keep them coming back for more. Brillio’s Commerce capability helps in transforming the shopping experience across all sets of customers – B2B, B2C, or B2B2C. We build seamless integration with the entire Commerce ecosystem which helps in obtaining a complete view of both the customer and the account and simplifies the customer journey. As a born-digital company, we help define digital marketplace strategies – Direct-to-Consumer models, BOPIS (Buy Online Pay in Store), BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), as well as the optimization of the customer’s path to purchase, including the redesign of product pages, the automation of back-end systems, and even the implementation of customer service chatbots.


As automation needs increase across the board, adopting DevOps will empower your team to adopt a more lean, reactive, “fail fast” way of doing business, allowing you to keep up with the changing market. Brillio’s Salesforce DevOps capability allows developer and operations teams to embrace faster, and less risky releases – all of this made possible by an enhanced development pipeline refined through continuous improvement. This helps enterprises automate their Salesforce release management and deployment processes at scale, leveraging platforms and frameworks that are proven to reduce deployment time and failures while enhancing security and compliance.

Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Brillio’s Product Development capabilities are aimed to streamline Salesforce app development. Our partnership with Salesforce enables our clients to accelerate their product development needs on the AppExchange platform across the end-to-end development lifecycle spanning from strategy, design, engineering, security reviews, roll-out, and implementation. Our solution and deep Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendors) knowledge supports the complete lifecycle – from ideation to product vision design sprints to AppExchange listing & monetization. We are one of the few Salesforce product partners with years of expertise in developing the entire product roadmap from design to publishing on the AppExchange platform.

Org Optimization

Brillio’s Org Optimization solution enables the enterprise to analyze the existing Salesforce ecosystem & suggests data-driven recommendations to reap maximum benefits from Salesforce investments. Org Optimization combines HealthCheck for detailed assessment of Salesforce Orgs to reduce technical debt using Force Clinic, Org Merge to consolidate separate Salesforce Orgs and &DevSecOps to enable error-free releases.

Org optimization assesses Salesforce org health across 10 dimensions (such as code, customization, data usage, integrations, unused features) for best practices and remediation analysis and provides an actionable roadmap to improve org architecture to deliver agility and scalability for business growth.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing to your ideal client personas needs a solid understanding of their needs along with a good grip on all the possible channels where they can interact with your brand. Brillio’s Marketing Cloud offerings help you to achieve this and more with an industry-based approach to reach your customers, understand their behavior, and inform them about the key-value delivered without trying to “sell”. Our personalization engine delivers the custom-made experience while keeping in mind the stage your customers are at in the buying lifecycle.



Financial Services

Brillio’s data-driven customer-centric applications help Commercial Banks and Retail Banks deliver banking services through integrated platforms. We bring proven experience in Wealth Management, Private Banking, Payments solutions to support Financial services firms take the next step in their digital journey. The Relationship Management for Private Banking solution delivers personalized financial services and products to high-value customers. We also offer Loan origination solutions for commercial loans and retail mortgages.



Brillio Healthcare & Life Sciences solution caters to different personas from Patients to Payers to Healthcare Provider & Pharma companies. It is deeply tied with our Product Development expertise to develop products for Clinical Trials (Remote Drug Trial Management) & Compliance Management. Our industry offering enables continuous improvement of healthcare processes and technology, technology-lead drugs discovery and clinical trials, personalized patient care whether inpatient, outpatient, or remote, with built-in compliance adherence.



Brillio Retails solutions empower the leading firms to make the best of the new-age channels to reach the consumers while exploring the full potential of CRM systems. We implement solutions for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C models that encompass features like real-time inventory tracking/pricing, order management, and logistics management. Our direct-to-customer (D2C) solution helps clients in enhancing their brand identity through customizable content and gain valuable insights through analytics capabilities.



Brillio’s Pricing & Quoting solution for High-Tech clients streamlines their lead to cash process to have faster deal cycles, smart quoting approvals, rapid turnaround with reduced re-approvals for complex product combinations, multiple SKUs and discounting, guided selling, attribute-based configurations, and accurate forecasting. It helps in reducing customer onboarding time and increasing the productivity of the workforce. With increase quote accuracy & faster approval rates, technology leaders can instead focus their time on building strong products & closing key accounts than on quote generation.


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Brillio’s Force Clinic, a health assessment tool to analyze and diagnose legacy Salesforce org by giving a detailed report across 10 areas resulting in maintenance cost reduction, increased productivity, driving feature adoption, and reduced estimation cycles. Enterprises can use these actionable insights to streamline CRM processes, remove the technical debt built up over the years and modernize their sales operations. Force Clinic is an essential step in taking stock before consolidating separate org with separate sales processes, pipelines, and forecasting. The tool provides comprehensive results with respect to Logins & Adoption, Security, Data Quality, Data Governance, Lightning Compliance & Performance, Customizations, and Integrations.

Brillio suite of accelerators to engineer the complete lead-to-cash lifecycle.

  • CPQ Healthcheck – Analysis Framework to improve performance, usability, and agility by removing current inefficiencies
  • Product Catalog – Templatized catalog to define bundles, features, options, smart pricing
  • Approvals Add-on – Advanced/ Complex approvals enablement tool
  • CPQ Migration – Toolkit for efficient migration of Salesforce data between organizations
  • Process & Industry Templates – Best practices & ready-to-deploy features already configured for specific industry use cases

Brillio’s internal library with reusable LWC components and frameworks. It is a repository of readymade Lightning Web Components with high reusability to increase time to market. This is a gateway to all Brillio tools and frameworks on the Salesforce platform. Targeted towards organizations looking for an integrated platform where customers, partners, and employees can share information and assist each other to find answers so that it can reduce friction among the stakeholders and accelerate deals. Provides scale & performance to your LWC based developments with standardized components ready to be plugged in.

Built natively on the Salesforce Platform, Renewal Manager helps drive top-line growth with customer-centric renewals and capture customer insights into upgrade, downgrade, and renewal lapses. It enables the business to manage, streamline, track, and improve the renewal process for their subscription-based products. Get visibility into the total product type, region, channels, and timeframe. Understand the nuances of bookings and revenue with early and carry-over renewal information. Improve efficiency with automated processes, time-based workflows, and an easy-to-use intuitive user interface. It helps to create automated renewal scenarios that work with your sales operations process with powerful dashboards for complete visibility.


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Dave Bernstein is the Head of Customer Experience & Data Solutions Practices for Brillio. He has proven expertise in leading several large customer experience transformation programs for leading clients. Throughout his 22+ years career Dave has crafted CX go-to-market strategy and solutions, business growth, and client delivery commitments across the Retail industry.

Abhisekh Kumar

A CRM and Customer Engagement Transformation Practitioner. Suraj loves working with clients to transform their customer experience to make them Digital Native. His expertise lies in blending Design Thinking, Automation, and Intelligence with leading Digital Platforms to deliver business outcomes at scale and pace. Specializes in IT Consulting, Salesforce, Cloud Solutions, Digital transformation, Organization Strategy & Transformation, and Design Thinking.



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