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Brillio and Capital Quant Solutions Partner to Deliver Advanced Financial and Unstructured Data Analysis

EDISON, N.J. ─ August 25, 2023Brillio, a leading digital transformation services and solutions provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Capital Quant Solutions (CQS), a cognitive automation pioneer, to drive innovation in the analysis of financial documents and unstructured data by using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and artificial technology (AI).

Brillio and Capital Quant Solutions will leverage their combined strengths to empower businesses to make informed strategic decisions and improve operational efficiency by gaining deeper insights into the financial data of listed and unlisted companies. The collaboration will help both companies expand their offerings and reach, and deliver superior value to clients seeking advanced financial analysis capabilities.

“A significant portion of the financial universe still analyses only a small fraction of available data for insight generation and monetization. This is mostly due to the dependence on manual processing and operations, which are time-consuming, prone to errors, and unable to meet business needs. The need of the hour is an amalgamation of deep human expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions,” said Rohit Srinivasan, Global Head of Delivery for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance at Brillio. “With Capital Quant’s deep expertise and credentials in the field of automation across the financial services landscape, we aim to raise the bar of innovation by building products and platforms that leverage the power of cognitive automation and AI to drive tangible value and business outcomes.”

“We see a lot of strategic synergies in this partnership that will help both CQS and Brillio, a leader in Digital Transformations, offer innovative technology solutions for cognitive automation,” said Pravin Lal, Founder and CEO of Capital Quant Solutions. “For banks, brokerages, AMCs, insurance companies, and exchanges that are dealing with huge volumes of documents and unstructured information, automation for extracting and analyzing the unstructured data will drive profitability and productivity. Such automation also helps in managing the risk of taking sub-optimal decisions as the human mind has the limitation of scale and can process a finite set of data points.”

About Capital Quant Solutions

Capital Quant Solutions (CQS) offers ML, AI, and NLP-based solutions focused on analyzing financial documents like bank statements, balance sheets, and quarterly reports, enabling the efficient extraction of relevant information. CQS boasts an impressive client portfolio of leading global enterprises and a proven track record and industry reputation of successfully delivering outstanding value and business outcomes, positioning them as a trusted and reliable partner for financial institutions and fintechs. For more information, please visit:

About Brillio

Brillio is one of the fastest growing digital technology service providers and the partner of choice for many Fortune 1000 companies seeking to turn disruption into a competitive advantage through innovative digital adoption. We help clients harness the transformative potential of the four superpowers of technology: cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility. Born digital in 2014, we apply our expertise in customer experience solutions, data analytics and AI, digital infrastructure and security, and platform and product engineering to help clients quickly innovate for growth, create digital products, build service platforms, and drive smarter, data-driven performance. With 17 locations across the U.S., Romania, Canada, Mexico and India, our growing global workforce of nearly 6,000 Brillians blends the latest technology and design thinking with digital fluency to solve complex business problems and drive competitive differentiation for our clients. Brillio was certified by Great Place to Work in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Learn more at

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