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The Telecom, Media & Entertainment will continue to evolve quickly, not only reckoning with ongoing trends and disruptions within the industry, but also in its continued response to pandemic-led behavioral changes. At Brillio, our differentiated approach to transformation is powered by data driven hyper personalization, content curation and platform engineering delivering business value – 15% reduction in inside sales cost, 60% reduction in pricing TAT, 30% faster site consolidation & more. 

Brillio’s 5G ServicesProgrammable Network Platforms and Intelligent Network Ops help Telcos and CSPs address their challenges in 5G deployment and operational efficiency. Our self-healing solutions help proactively mitigate issues. We leverage Digital Twins to help enterprises improve customer experience and implement industry best practices.


Segments in Spotlight: Our Focus Areas​


Enable CSPs/DSPs to embrace virtual services thereby infusing innovation, flexibility and reliability. ​


Enhance service assurance, network reliability, speed of apps and services for mobile network operators, wireless service providers, and cellular tech firms. ​

Intelligent Networks

Offer bundled communication services to integrated service providers enabling customer convenience, enhancing efficiency, security, and user experience. ​

Information and Services

Engineer smart products and platforms that provide seamless experiences and effectively mitigate risks for your customers. ​

EdTech and Services

Leverage innovative AI, VR, and online collaboration solutions aimed at transforming education by promoting personalized learning. ​


Enable publishers to produce dynamic, personalized content across multiple channels while optimizing their strategy for optimal impact.​ ​


Fuelling Success: Our Powerhouse ​​ Capabilities

oss and bss telecommunications

OSS and BSS​

Manage and transform your OSS and BSS systems that are essential for efficiently provisioning, monitoring, and maintaining your Telecom networks and services.​

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5G Rollout

5G Acceleration​

Roll out, scale, and accelerate your 5G networks and services efficiently using 5G Network Planning, Network Services, and Network Transformation.​

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Intelligent Networks

Intelligent Networking​

Transform your network with AIOps and data-driven automation to proactively mitigate and manage issues and monitor network health & performance.​

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Network Configuration Management

Network Configuration Management​

Enhance network operations by ensuring robust security and optimal configuration of your devices, ensuring the highest level of network reliability.​

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Hyper Personalization​

Enable analytics-driven data and insights to create a more compelling, hyper-personalized user experience, enhancing customer engagement and improving loyalty.​

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Data, Analytics & AI​_Images

Marketing Automation​

Improve efficiency by streamlining and automating routine marketing tasks, personalizing customer interactions, analyzing data, and monitoring performance.​

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Media Value Chain

Media Value Chain​

Leverage and monetize data's potential throughout the value chain to gain a competitive edge by optimizing operations, content delivery, and enhancing experiences. ​

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Digital Commerce​

Transform commerce and elevate customer experiences to seamlessly merge innovation and customer-centricity for sustained growth and increased efficiency. ​x`

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