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Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS)

Healthcare and Life Sciences

With people at the heart, Brillio helps build data-driven healthcare and life sciences enterprises that leverage digital models and product engineering to operationalize efficiency, accelerate drug and device development, craft personalized experiences, deliver improved patient outcomes and meaningfully impact care through EHR adoption, data sharing between providers/payers, and third party applications.

Executive Spotlight

We are at the forefront of not only improving current performance, but also in helping Healthcare and Life Sciences companies modernize their business models into the future. Enabling our enterprise clients to deliver on their core purpose differently has been quite rewarding for us.

Sudhir Burisetty
Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Brillio





Helping clients modernize into patient centric, innovative and digitally advanced operating models

Life Sciences


Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Accelerating R&D, and delivering improved patient outcomes for all


Medical Technology

Enabling connected products and ecosystems to reimagine the customer experience, with cutting-edge smart devices, acceptance of software as a medical device, and wearables



Smart Clinical Trials

Improving participant access & engagement, data quality & sharing, and agile planning & execution using digital technologies.


Digital Health

Providing solutions to improve patient care, remote monitoring and healthcare delivery.


Commercial Analytics

Delivering omni-channel, customer-centric and patient focused marketing, driven by actionable insights.


Precision Medicine

Enabling the “Right drug for the right patient at the right time” approach in areas such as CAR-T cell therapy.


Platform Modernization

Reimagining the core systems with modern technology platforms and architectures to drive scale, speed, and agility.


Intelligent Supply Chains

Leveraging cloud, AI/ML, and analytics to optimize supply chain processes, ensure regulatory compliance and deliver superior service for customers.


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