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About the Client:

The client is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of precise, advanced metal-cutting machine tool solutions.


The client needed to redesign the complete product and content catalog, set up a promotions rule engine, and get platform upgrades to 

Streamline Product Catalog

The first challenge was streamlining a highly complex product catalog with several layers of hierarchy, ensuring products are intuitively categorized, enabling effortless discovery.

Enhance Customer Experience

The client sought best-in-class customer experience by improving search and browse capabilities and simplifying cart and checkout journeys. Their goal was also to provide a single window service for all post-purchase interactions for their B2B customers.

Next-Gen Search Capabilities

Central to their strategy was also the evolution of search capabilities. This entails improving faceted navigation, enabling a zoom feature within Product Display Pages (PDPs), enhancing product variant selection, simplifying guest checkout, managing cart session timeouts, and refining the order settlement process.

Automation, Customization, and a 360-degree View 

The client was also looking to automate the application of discounts & promotions, automate JDE Heartbeat and BSSV servers monitoring, to enable customer 360 view in ASM, and create custom landing pages for sub-categories

Our Solution:

To address the challenge, Brillio opted for a multi-level solution that touched every facet of the client’s customer operations, from product catalog to platform upgrades and application monitoring.

Refined Product Catalog Architecture and Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Reimagined the Product Catalog structure and taxonomy to elevate the overall browsing and search experience.
  • Elevated the customer journey through a series of enhancements, including adaptive search, implemented product image zoom feature, customized product variant selection, streamlined guest checkout, and abandoned cart email notifications.

Structured Enhancements & Automated Integration Services

  • Adopted a structured product development model to address both enhancements and maintenance requirements. 
  • Engineered a seamless integration framework for discounts, promotions, and coupons, automating processes and optimizing customer incentives.

Custom Monitoring Application

  • Created a bespoke monitoring solution, streamlining the monitoring, alerting, and issue-resolution processes. This application reduces downtime and enhances system reliability.

Synchronized Order Replicator Service

  • Developed an order replicator service within SAP Commerce, facilitating seamless order synchronization between CCv2 and JDE systems.

Platform Upgrade & Custom Sub-Category Landing Pages

  • Executed a comprehensive platform upgrade, advancing from version 2005 to 2205. This upgrade included enabling Customer 360 view in ASM and Smartedit, enhancing the client’s understanding of customer behavior and preferences.
  • Created tailor-made landing pages at the sub-category level within Smartedit. These pages enhance the browsing experience by presenting curated content and product selections.

Outcomes Delivered:

By aligning technological advancements with business imperatives, we not only achieved substantial revenue growth but also elevated the customer experience and internal efficiency. 

  • Navigation and product discovery were transformed with the revamped catalog structure, ensuring customers effortlessly found and explored products.
  • The expedited order and invoice settlement process contributed to heightened customer satisfaction, accelerating the path to purchase.
  • Unprecedented real-time visibility into both online and offline orders empowered customers with a comprehensive understanding of their transactions.
  • The augmentation of Average Order Value (AOV) was achieved by delivering a consistent shopping experience for both guest and registered customers, driving increased engagement and sales.
  • The year 2023 witnessed a tremendous surge in eCommerce orders, translating into a substantial revenue uplift, marking the tangible success of our strategic initiatives.
  • Through the strategic implementation of a bespoke Application Monitoring solution, our team’s efficiency experienced a remarkable 15% surge in velocity. 
  • Business users seamlessly harnessing the power of the latest features from the 2205 platform upgrade, was made possible with the SAP platform upgrade license.

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