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About the Client:

The client is a leading North American Distributor of Drywall, Steel Framing, Acoustic Ceilings, and Construction Supplies.


  • The client’s overarching objective was catalyzing business growth by crafting a next-generation Omnichannel e-commerce platform. Key highlights of their goal included delivering exceptional customer experiences through enhancements in search and browsing capabilities, streamlining the cart and checkout process, and establishing a single-point solution for post-purchase interactions, catering specifically to their B2B clientele.
  • To achieve this, our client placed a strong emphasis on pivoting the customer experience towards the next generation of search capabilities. This transformation encompassed several pivotal aspects, including improved relevancy ranking, faceted navigation, dynamic type ahead and auto-suggestions, content search, and suggestions on the No Search Results page.
  • Additionally, the client sought to maintain, enhance, and extend the platform to cater to a broader user base by integrating more advanced features and monitoring capabilities, providing personalized customer experiences through relevant product recommendations, and improving site performance and security.

Our Solution:

To address the client’s challenges, Brillio has designed and executed a comprehensive range of initiatives and innovations that have reshaped the client’s e-commerce platform, driving it towards a new era of efficiency and user-centricity:

Omnichannel eCommerce Experience on SAP Commerce Cloud:

We established a seamless omnichannel eCommerce experience on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform, ensuring end-to-end functionality for B2B user segments, encompassing user segments, payments, quotes, user management, order management, fulfillment, and cross-platform data migration.

Efficient Data Migration: Over 200,000 historical offline orders, alongside existing customer data, were seamlessly migrated into the new platform. This initiative streamlined operations by providing a unified interface for viewing both online and offline orders.

Enhanced Search Engine Migration: We have designed, planned, and migrated the search engine from SOLR to UNBXD, optimizing search capabilities on the platform.

Personalized Customer Experience with Google Analytics: We have integrated SAP Commerce Cloud with Google Analytics to deliver a personalized customer experience through targeted product recommendations.

Agile Product Development Approach: The adoption of a product development model allowed us to efficiently address enhancements and maintenance requirements, ensuring the platform’s adaptability and responsiveness to evolving user needs.

SRE Implementation and Monitoring: To bolster site performance and security, we introduced Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices, incorporating synthetic monitoring and session replay capabilities, along with a consolidated dashboard for application health checks.

Outcomes Delivered:

Following the transformative journey undertaken by Brillio to enhance and optimize various aspects of the client’s e-commerce platform, through a combination of strategic initiatives and technical innovations, we achieved remarkable results, spanning customer acquisition, revenue growth, customer satisfaction, proactive issue identification, and technical proficiency.

Customer Acquisition and Enhanced Shopping Experience:

We significantly improved customer acquisition by expanding our channels and extending online shopping experiences to mom-and-pop contractors, broadening our customer base.

Impressive Revenue Growth:

Our strategic enhancements and maintenance efforts led to a remarkable 6X increase in revenue, reflecting the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

By providing visibility into both online and offline orders, we successfully improved customer satisfaction, fostering transparency and convenience.

Proactive Issue Identification with Synthetic Monitoring:

Through synthetic monitoring, we proactively identified potential pain points, boosting customer acceptance and confidence in our product.

Expertise in Search Engines:

We cultivated a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) proficient in both SOLR and UNBXD as search engines, enhancing our capabilities with CCv2.

Increased Engagement with Product Recommendations:

A growing number of customers actively engaged with our product recommendation features, driving user interaction and satisfaction.

Streamlined Engineering Processes:

We developed end-to-end engineering processes that enabled parallel feature development using two different search engines. This approach facilitated parallel User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with full search capabilities and a seamless transition to UNBXD with minimal downtime.

Enhanced Site Performance and Security:

Our efforts resulted in better site performance and security, accommodating larger user bases and ensuring a smooth site experience for all users.

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