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                           Lakshmi H Shastry July 14, 2023

The green revolution brings many benefits to companies, regardless of industry—but it’s important to begin with the right approach.

Net Zero pledges are gaining momentum, and businesses have opportunities to accelerate and strengthen this vital global goal. Building green credentials has become a business imperative for many leaders, and why not? It is an immense value proposition and offers resilience to present and future regulations. Moving toward Net Zero also reduces costs; attracts environmental, social and governance (ESG) investors; and improves brand reputation and talent retention.

To achieve Net Zero, enterprises must first capture and document their emissions to reap the full benefits of sustainability reporting. After all, a company must know where it stands in order to chart a path and reach its target. Progress must be measured, monitored, and reported at an enterprise level.

A corporate Net Zero platform will bring myriad benefits:

  • From financial perspective, it will alleviate bottlenecks in attracting and retaining capital (assuming reported metrics are meeting necessary guidelines). 
  • It will enable a company to grow in a sustainable and responsible manner, allowing for more seamless interactions with customers, partners, governments, employees and prospects. 
  • The increased access to data that accompanies a Net Zero program will allow the organization to mitigate health, safety, environmental, legal, and financial risks more efficiently. 
  • An overall improvement in corporate brand can yield limitless value.

Leading by example

Clearly, it’s important for all companies to embrace the Net Zero transition, with proportionate use of data and digital technologies for competitive differentiation and purposeful profit. Brillio has walked this path itself, and is setting an example for others to follow.

The limited amount of ESG data being collected and reported today by individual companies does not follow any global uniform method, as industry standards are established regionally and frameworks adopted vary making it difficult to compare actions and outcomes in a reliable way.

Brillio’s focus is to support organizations in navigating Net Zero challenges, devise their transition with a robust and successful pathway, build digital culture and corporate policies aimed at driving behaviours, and set a clear blueprint of short-term and long-term initiatives with zero-based transformation approach supported by better-connected data and digital technologies. The idea is to yield an overall outcome that is better than the sum of its parts to get ahead of this trend and reap the positive effects.We help clients achieve their Net Zero and sustainability goals with data, analytics, AI, software applications, and cloud services to create a positive impact both financially, environmentally and transform future-footprints

At Brillio, we take a consultative approach. We have deep expertise in digital capabilities across the spectrum of customer experience transformation, crafting products that drive relevance, powering intelligent enterprises, and enabling enterprise agility using our digital integration expertise coupled with process engineering knowledge and AI-driven optimization. All this helps in advising customers on their Net Zero journey to be more efficient, effective and profitable. Our center of excellence-centric model helps in the adoption of best-quality practices to enable high-quality delivery.

Our Net Zero readiness assessment solutions and accelerators add up to clear tracking and transparent reporting; we help clients measure often-tedious ESG metrics, integrate data feeds across operational workflows, provide real-time monitoring and alerting, and present for various regulations with quantitative analysis to ensure timely rectification measures are taken.

Our ability to model various Net Zero scenarios with digital twins (even with synthetically generated data alternatives); establish feedback loops to monitor, understand and optimize the impact of different intervention strategies; identify opportunities, actionable steps and specific milestones helps anticipate and mitigate constraints, improve planning and operation of assets, and leap forward toward reducing and offsetting climate impact.

The beauty of green 

Green computing helps an enterprise use the least amount of computing resources to do the greatest amount of work. Embracing cloud services is the first step to have a positive impact on achieving these goals with virtualization, data collection and connectivity, extending options necessary for large-scale uptakes.

To continue our green IT approach, we partner with hyperscalers (large cloud service providers), enabling digital transformation initiatives to become more carbon efficient. Cloud platforms not only bring efficiencies and circular economy gains; their pledges and positive measures to achieve small footprints add up to informed decisions.

A trusted governance framework across data standards, quality and regulations enables relevant data collection with privacy protection and usage with confidence, transparency, and fairness for reporting and insights. Such a framework provides automated capabilities to consolidate data, define key performance indicators, and report relevant ESG metrics based on global sustainability standards.

Considering Scope 3

Business operations and supply chains account for majority of Scope 3 emissions (defined as “the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization, but that the organization indirectly affects in its value chain”). Our sustainable supply chain solutions, which leverage smart technologies, are enabling intelligent visibility and scenarios that moderate business continuity and risks before they occur. They also calculate benefits, savings and potential ROI before the transformation of the processes occur in order to test and discover the best course of action for disruptions and different situations in a virtual environment, significantly improving organizational stability.

Our sustainability program has a strong connection to the results on income statement, and hence is leveraging customer sustainability activities to drive innovation, differentiation and enterprise growth through sustainable products.

Brillio is intrinsically proficient in technologies central to Net Zero pivots, across industries and geographies. Our collective value proposition of green credentials leveraging green technologies supported by latest data, connectivity, automation and process improvements with digital tools enable our client to understand, identify opportunities and gaps to achieve reduction targets for today and the future.

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