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About the partnership:

Brillio partners with AWS to migrate your data safely and create data houses & data lakes so you can retrieve data efficiently from anywhere. Leveraging deep data analysis and cutting-edge AI/ML solutions, our engineers, data architects, and analysts help expand your business, extracting meaningful insights that provide a competitive edge. Powered by AWS technology, our experts clean your unstructured data, integrate data from various sources, run third-party apps to create interactive dashboards, and turn data silos into impactful insights.

Our AWS Expertise



Brillio enables you to leverage Amazon Redshift and Athena for high-speed querying & reliable data access. Before running the analyses, we improve and normalize your data using AWS Glue DataBrew and deploy Quicksight capabilities for easy & fast visualizations.


Data Movement

Brillio helps you implement AWS DMS for secure database migration. By deploying Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose (an ETL service) and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, we deliver real-time streams loading into data lakes, streaming the data serverless.


Data Lake

Build scalable object-storing devices using Amazon S3 and securely retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. By implementing AWS Lake and its backup services, we empower you to manage data lakes and never lose valuable data.


Predictive analytics and machine learning

Brillio enables you to leverage AWS Deep Learning AMIs to provide machine learning practitioners the tools to accelerate deep learning in the cloud, at any scale. By implementing Amazon SageMaker, we help you build, train, and deploy ML models with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows from AWS.

Our Offerings

Data & AI Strategy and Advisory

We partner with our customers to outline a strategic vision for leveraging data as a source of competitive differentiation. We help establish a value realization framework and translate aspirations into pragmatic roadmaps that are easy to adopt and scale.

Data Monetization

We help clients unlock new revenue streams by launching new, high-impact data products as a service. We help clients identify the highest ROI market opportunities and monetize them with high-impact GTM, innovative pricing and operating models, and resilient technology architectures.

Insights as a Service

We develop business intelligence strategies that help clients trust and harness their data for high-confidence decision-making. We collaborate with our clients in innovative ways to understand enterprise personas and thereby source and integrate comprehensive sets of first-, second-, and third-party data to uncover deep, meaningful insights.

Data & AI Math Squads

We offer a unique and proven methodology to solve complex data science problems rapidly using diverse and multi-skilled pods. We help set up multi-disciplinary pods that are empowered to facilitate full lifecycle AI transformations. Our agile DNA ensures collaboration by breaking down organizational silos and the nimbleness to align to incremental outcomes and shared risks.

Data Modernization

We help clients evaluate, conceptualize, and implement new architectural paradigms for resilient data products, operating models, and cloud-first infrastructures. We empower organizations to eliminate data silos, facilitate data sharing across the entire enterprise and drastically reduce the time taken to bring new products to market.

AI Industrialization

We build the technologies and processes required to extend the use of AI across the entire enterprise, facilitating vast improvements in operational efficiency and productivity. We help craft policies and governance that ensure large-scale experimentation, transparency, and responsible use of AI.


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