Industry Solutions

/Logistics & Manufacturing

  • Shipment Tracking Portal- With the help of Brillio and ServiceNow, build a portal to gain transparency into all the booked, shipped, picked up & delivered containers/ shipments. In case of a delay, automatically send communication to both sender & consignee informing about the delay and adjusted arrival times.
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance- Take an intelligent, reliable & effective approach to preventive plant maintenance in order to predict failures or issues even before they occur.
  • Vendor Management System- Build a centralized portal and a unified system that helps in managing issues & queries from vendors and helps in tracking & resolving those queries.


  • Telecommunication Service Management- With the increasing dependence on telecommunication at workplaces, the importance of a unified telecom service management platform has increased manifolds. Brillio & ServiceNow brings to you a single platform for real-time visibility, proactive care & end-to-end service assurance for telecom operations.
  • Predictive & Proactive Network Monitoring & Management- Leverage machine learning & advanced analytics to proactively monitor and predict network outages to deliver high-performance business services. Leverage our network management solution to quickly detect network issues, proactively notify customers of service events, and promptly identify the root cause of service issues.

/Pharma & Healthcare

  • Operational Support for Clinical Trials- Clinical trials are an integral part of the drug discovery and development process. It involves following up with a huge number of participants while meeting the regulatory requirements, making it a time-consuming & error-prone process. By leveraging a secure web portal for communicating with patients, organizations can streamline & enhance the clinical trials, boost participation retention rates, and reduce time to market.
  • Clinical Asset Management- Get a holistic & single pane of glass view of all the connected medical devices. Maintain high-security standards by minimizing risk exposure for connected devices and complying with regulatory requirements.

/Retail & E-commerce

  • Smart Retail Operations: Brillio, fueled by ServiceNow, enables retailers to provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible by automating service interactions throughout their operations. To create lucrative and tailored customer experiences, retailers may acquire near real-time inventory information for smarter merchandising, remove tedious to-and-fro communication, improve HR competencies, respond to changing market dynamics, and much more.
  • Managing Promotional Campaign: Several retailers enable franchisee or regional managers the option to participate in promotional campaigns. Unfortunately, the campaign registration process can be lengthy, inconvenient, and requires monotonous information to be entered manually which might lead to errors and delayed launches. ServiceNow’s platform can help retailers build a customized solution to their diverse challenges. A centralized self-service portal can simplify the campaign enrollment process which can lead to increased satisfaction levels amongst the enrollees and the team.


  • Operational Resilience: Easily integrate governance, risk, and compliance into workflows, track risk across all business processes, and generate instantaneous reports, alerts, and risk-reduction initiatives. To understand and react to shocks, ServiceNow can link business services to underlying IT, people, and third-party vendors. ServiceNow can automate breach responses based on business effect, ensure compliance with regulations, efficiently manage change, and lower compliance costs.
  • Connected Branch: Transform branches to provide personalized recommendations and cost-effective services. Through Brillio, powered by ServiceNow, financial institutions can connect their branches and employees to the rest of the bank. This ensures that systems, facilities, and infrastructure are available whenever and wherever consumers need them, and that services are delivered uniformly.
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