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Here’s how virtual worlds can support affordability, accessibility and patient centricity.

Multiple drivers are reshaping the healthcare landscape, from rampant mergers and acquisitions, to the rise of value-based contracts. But the greatest force of change is the renewed emphasis on affordability, access and patient-centric care. 

And this is where the metaverse comes in. The metaverse offers a wide variety of ways to support a patient-centric focus, including virtual treatment, holographic training and connected health. 

Three metaverse-driven healthcare changes 

Here are three ways the metaverse will bring big changes to healthcare: 

  1. Connected telehealth through digital therapeutics. Digital therapeutics (DTx) is an evidence-based approach that’s an increasingly important driver of access and affordability. With an immersive DTx experience, patients can manage chronic health conditions and receive cognitive behavioral therapy treatment to help with mental health.
  2. Digital twins boost clinical trials. Digital twins can provide pharmaceutical companies with a window into every aspect of the clinical trials process, from patient response to the supply chain. For example, by administering clinical trials of experimental drugs on virtual models of patients, pharma companies can not only speed research but also optimize and predict the impact of therapies.
  3. Value-based care goes virtual. The metaverse can help healthcare insurers operate in a value-based care world by lowering the cost of delivering a high-quality patient experience. For insurers, the metaverse provides a new and improved way of connecting by enhancing the human touch of telephone support with a more personalized application.

A digital future for health

With a strong focus on patient-centric care and transparency mandates by regulators, the entire health system is experiencing a massive shift. It’s time to embrace innovations that drive better information and cost transparency so that patients can make educated decisions about their health and health benefits.

The metaverse—along with the rise of self-monitoring technology and the emphasis on connected experiences—will be a great enabler for telehealth and a catalyst for continuous care.

For a complete look at healthcare in the metaverse, read “How the metaverse will help healthcare meet its goals,” or contact us.

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