The SaaSification of Network Automation – A Modern Approach to Network Management and Monitoring

Networks have become the backbone of enterprises today as they have started relying more on digital transformation to run their businesses. The pandemic has further accelerated this transition towards digitization due to the prevalence of online operations. As a result, networks have become increasingly complex.

This is where network automation helps to simplify, speed up and automate network visibility and control – cutting the operating costs in half while avoiding 70% of the time spent trying to identify and diagnose network issues (Gartner, “5 Network Cost Optimization Opportunities” June 2019).

Network Automation has evolved into a significant market and in this whitepaper, we explore an important dimension of it being offered as a cloud-based, software service to Enterprises, hosted on public cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. SaaSification acts as a catalyst for Network Automation.

If you want more reliable, efficient, and easy to manage networks, and dive into various facets of SaaS-based Network Automation, covering:

– Advanced Network Automation & the technical aspects
– The market landscape
– Disruptive commercial models
– How to leverage AI/ML
– The Gold Standards for SaaS Offerings

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