Get Started with the Digital OneOffice: The Yokohama Story

Get Started with the Digital OneOffice™: the Yokohama Story. This eBook shares the digital transformation journey of Yokohama Tire Corporation, a 100-year old manufacturing company that was looking to move away from manual processes and drive meaningful digital customer engagement. The eBook also answers questions that many enterprises not born digital are facing today, like where do we start, what do we hope to achieve, and did we make the right choice?

The most successful enterprises are those that take on a customer-first digital approach, but for many to get there, they need a partner to collaborate with and build custom solutions. Case in point: with Yokohama, Brillio successfully designed and delivered the award-winning Yokohama Tire Spec app – the right product that solved the right problems by bridging the gap between customer needs, business requirements and what technology can deliver.

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