2023 Tech Trends - Brillio

Three guideposts to navigate the year ahead

As 2023 begins, here’s what businesses need to do to prepare for an ever more digital future. 

In the last two years, digital adoption has taken a quantum leap, forever changing how organizations, industries, societies and people operate and behave. And there’s no turning back: We now live in an era of digital.

The resulting tech explosion is widening the performance gap between leaders and laggards. With the next wave of digital change imminent, forward-looking enterprises will take this opportunity to reimagine their current state while wiring themselves for the future, using three guideposts, as well as their associated technology building blocks, to light the way:

  • Power of experience: As customer experience (CX), multi-experience (MX) and user experience (UX) all blend into an intertwined discipline, businesses are increasingly looking to create more connected, personalized and immersive experiences. Enterprises need to evolve their technology infrastructure, strategies, business models and services to make sure they are not left behind.Building blocks to consider include hyper-personalization, omnichannel delivery and the metaverse.
  • Power of digitalization: Modern enterprises need completely new levels of agility, flexibility, adaptability and resilience. This will require shifting their architectural strategies from a hierarchical to a modular approach, using software components and APIs, as well as autonomous teams with distributed responsibilities, to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically.Building blocks of a modular enterprise include digital twins and as-a-service platforms for automation, applications, infrastructure and security. 
  • Power of decisioning: The essence of digital transformation is to become a data-driven organization. To achieve that, enterprises need to create a data culture through data democratization and widespread use of data analytics and business intelligence tools. When they can instantly access, consume and understand data, businesses will speed decision making and uncover new possibilities.Two key components of a data culture include a mindset centered on the data product and responsible AI. 

Businesses that embrace change, experimentation and continual learning and improvement will stay relevant, achieve new heights of performance, and respond to market demands with agility and dexterity. To learn more, read our full report, “Tech Trends: What to watch for in 2023,” or contact us.

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