Platform and Product Engineering

Elevate Experiences With Disruptive Products


We help businesses take advantage of today’s disruptive technology, acting as their trusted partner to build world-class products and solutions. Our proven solutions and engineering machinery are business outcome-driven, blending technology excellence with unwavering quality of service delivery.

Product Maturity Model

Enable technology and product maturity with significant savings

Enabling technology and product maturity with significant savings This solution encapsulates an end-to-end enterprise product maturity model across core dimensions like Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Engineering, Product Agility, and Product Innovation. Further sub-dimensions of the core dimensions capture various aspects, at different levels of maturity.

Agile Transformation Office (Brillio OneTM)

Transform beyond agility

The agile of today should expand beyond the realms of only standard agile practices. We provide an end-to-end enterprise, right from vision and strategy to implementation with a blend of the right methodologies, machinery, and approach. It consists of a shared vision and passion creating a product-centric culture of servant leadership. It also entails cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams of 5 to 9 members from various areas of product engineering that is geared to create a well-rounded product-centric approach.

High-Performance Engineering (DevSecOps)

Drive overall team velocity

We deliver an end-to-end orchestration of the entire delivery pipeline from development to operations. It includes continuous planning, delivery, integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring. The solution features differentiating products like Brillio BOLTTM (predictive delivery & actionable insights) and uses DevOps toolkit for quick plug-and-play and ensures faster go-to-market.

API fication And Service-On-Demand

Bridge the gap seamlessly

This solution bridges the gap between cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly with speed. It allows customers to securely unlock existing IT assets and deliver innovative applications with modern architectures. The APIs created are driven by business services, which could be either custom-built or with integration partners like MuleSoft & APIGEE.

Application / Product Modernization

Automate to enhance efficiency

With a strategic approach, we help organizations streamline their existing business applications with an explicit goal of improving traffic. Determining if they should be kept, retired, or consolidated, the APR tool/model optimizes the selection of the applications to enhance efficiency. Our smart platform utilizes ML/NLP based legacy artifacts to mine value insights to create smart assets. The platform accelerators are customizable, open-source, intelligent, omni-channel to jumpstart the automation endeavor.

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