Cloud Transformation

Optimize Your Business With Cloud Transformation

We can future proof your enterprise by modernizing and migrating your existing frameworks, and running your IT infrastructure in secure, multi-cloud environments. Our portfolio of services includes everything from advisory consulting to building, migrating, and monitoring operations to ensure a seamless transformation into a digital-first company at a competitive cost. Brillio drives this broad array of cloud transformation initiatives through our homegrown Platform – Cloud Infrastructure Platform (CLIPTM)

Cloud Migration Readiness And Transformation Strategy Development

Most customers seeking to adopt cloud technology pursue quick wins, only to realize in the long run that their total cost of ownership is higher with cloud than on-premise solutions. Also, most cloud migration readiness assessments are constrained to the evaluation of the underlying infrastructure profile of their on-premise environments, with limited attention paid to the overarching applications and key nuances of the nature of the customer’s business.

Our solution includes robust cloud migration readiness evaluation services followed by the creation of a transformation roadmap in full alignment with your business needs and technology imperatives. We deploy our proprietary CLIPTM solution with pre-built evaluation modules that can readily integrate with multiple third-party platforms.

Cloud Applications Through Cloud Migration Factory

Migrating business-critical applications to public cloud platforms is a crucial milestone in helping customers realize their enterprise digital transformation strategy. Brillio has developed a migration factory model that marries an agile transformation approach with repeatable processes and a battle-hardened automation platform – Brillio’s CLIPTM solution. The rapid center module of CLIPTM enables faster and more secure migration while automating many of the repetitive activities. Our portfolio of Application Migration services offers end-to-end services ranging from landscape assessment, designing the migration strategy, laying the roadmap for cloud migration, migration and transformation and finally operation and optimization on the cloud.

Digital Operations Through Intelligent Automation

Managing the ever-growing hybrid IT infrastructure landscape is complex, tedious, and time-consuming. Automation helps to reduce mundane tasks while deploying resources to high-value-adding activities. Our portfolio of automation services includes design, implementation, and operation of the following services: IT Process Orchestration, Robotic Process Automation, Digital Workforce Management, and Intelligent Automation across Heuristics & AI. Our automation assets have been built to readily onboard customers into their ‘Smart Operations’ journey.

Digital Transformation Of Legacy SAP By Migrating To The Cloud

This solution bridges the gap between cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly with speed. It allows the customer to securely unlock existing IT assets and deliver innovative applications with modern architectures. The APIs created are driven by business services, which could be either custom-built or with integration partners like MuleSoft & APIGEE.

Spend Rationalization In A Multi-cloud World

With more organizations moving to adopt cloud technology for scale and cost, they remain unaware of the visibility and governance, the higher operational cost, and misaligned policies. These complexities expand with more and more multi/hybrid cloud scenarios. Brillio’s solution CLIPTM solution takes care of these shortcomings. It renders cost transparency, cost efficiency, and offers an interactive platform that provides dynamic dashboarding.

CLIPTM Cloud Optimization Platform delivers these key features
a. Lean and efficient multi-cloud operational model
b. End-to-end visibility across utilization and expenditure
c. Proactive cost governance and control
d. Intuitive and interactive dashboarding

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