Technology and Advisory

Strategic Advisory For Technology Solutions


Technology is the key ingredient that brings solutions to life. However, the rate at which technology is rapidly evolving is equally exciting and disquieting for most organizations. While organizations are looking to technology solutions to solve their business problems, elevate their customer’s experiences and create business value, they are faced with too many choices, changing dynamics, fear of misfit, adhering to regulatory norms, and staying ahead of the competition.

This is where Brillio’s Technology and Advisory Consulting Group provides direction. With our customer-focused approach, we bring world-class expertise to help simplify the journey and establish a pragmatic blueprint wired for your future growth and success.

Digital Business Strategy And

Architect blueprints for strategic moves

This solution is intended to review existing monolithic and legacy solutions/products. It involves the preparation of a blueprint that defines the roadmap helping the company become digital-first.

Portfolio Assessment And Rationalization

Create value through rationalization

Brillio’s solution is aimed at minimizing operational costs that come with an aging data center and legacy applications. Application rationalization and modernization help to align the existing application to its business goals. It includes analyzing various dimensions of the infrastructure with a singular focus on value-creation and seamless transformation.

Innovation Strategy And Planning

Identify the next big digital disrupter

With the influx of new technology and innovation, it is becoming a challenge for businesses to differentiate between true disrupters and just hype. Brillio’s solution offers elaborate strategy planning that focuses on desired business outcomes. It includes trendspotting, ideation, and co-innovation. It weaves innovation into the enterprise fabric through incremental value addition.

Platform And Architecture – Advisory And Blueprinting

Craft roadmaps wired for growth

Brillio offers a consultative approach to evaluating business needs, creating a gap matrix that analyzes the state of the current systems/products. They help architect a detailed blueprint and roadmap to support the requirements. This solution encompasses design, technology, architecture, and product selection helping organization’s adapt to changes and wire them for growth.

Blockchain Solution: Track And Trace

Increase efficiency at scale

Many enterprises still spend millions of dollars ineffectively on manually churning out reports on excel or sustaining reports on legacy BI platforms. Brillio helps them transform into a service BI model and leverage the ROI through transformation and gradually move the needle to deliver business insights and predictability with data science. Our Data Analytics Synchronization and Harmonization (DASH) framework helps rationalize the reporting requirement for automation, define the platform architecture and change management strategy for the transformation. We bring our experience to help define the Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) operating models that suit differing needs across various organizations. The CoEs drive change management and transition to the Insights Factory as the automation charter take off.

Blockchain Solution: Mortgage-Backed Securities

Improve transparency and credit flow

This solution focuses on providing a seamless experience through Blockchain. It is designed to track assets, manage cash flow, and perform trusted business operations such as validating a loan from its origination through maturity. Backed by Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), it is established to enhance the flow of credit and improve transparency.

Digital Banking Solution

Optimize world-class customer engagement

Brillio’s digital banking solution provides a consistent experience to customers across all touch-points and effectively engages in today’s dynamic environment. The fast-evolving market conditions require Digital Banking Solutions (DBS) to swiftly help banks adapt, thrive, and stay ahead of the game.

AI / ML Solution: Intelligent Search Using Graph DB

Generate insights for informed decision-making

We help in exploring, visualizing, and reporting on real-world data sources to generate insights and make evidence-based decisions. Our solution enables researchers with the required database & analytics solutions to carry out their work in a highly sensitive eco-system of RWR, Genomics, and Biology.

Blockchain Solution: Smart Clinical Trials

Enhance process efficiency and transparency

Brillio offers Blockchain solutions that address the needs and allow for easy deployment to multiple cloud platforms. It supports various personas like Pharma, CRO, FDA/Regulatory bodies, Hospitals/Doctors, and Patient Clinical Trials. It works for Pharma companies with huge undertakings and massive investments that require compliance with regulatory and legal needs. This solution enables IP protection, improves process efficiencies, and increases the authenticity and transparency of the trials.

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