One of the biggest impacts on IT on account of organizations going digital is the evolution of the DevOps concept. Brillio’s approach to DevOps is “Software-centric” i.e. Tools and Automation play a major role in enabling the DevOps culture. Brillio's DevOps reference architecture is enabled by industry standard tools and home grown accelerators that can provide a quick start to those customers looking at embracing DevOps.  

Major Differentiators

  • Brillio’s DevOps Automation Platform
  • Performance & Security Integration Frameworks
  • Continuous Performance & Security Scan Frameworks
  • Brillio Orchestration of Leading Tools (BOLT)

Business Benefits

Faster Time-to-Market


Improved Deliverables Quality


Better Collaboration Between Teams


Leverage Existing Tools & Investments

Faster Running Simulations Leading to More Efficient and
Less Costly Clinical Trials

What have Brillio DevOps customers achieved?

Scenario: Large US-based global biopharmaceutical company wanted to build a secure self-provisioning portal to run clinical trial simulations on-demand and keep compute costs low. The infrastructure on demand required manual assembly of multiple components at design time. There was also no automatic cloning of environments. Manual PTT, PTP and ensuring consistency between environments was a manual effort. The client also faced difficult to do dynamic and elastic infrastructure.


  • DevOps scripts contains entire system from application components to multiple AWS infrastructure resources
  • Centrally managed reusable templates, blueprints, and libraries with pluggable toolchains & workflows .
  • Fine-grained policies & security controls are built into scripts


  • Every environment was made independent, repeatable, consistent, testable, and 24x7 systems with no downtime
  • Enforcement and compliance guaranteed with policies was built into the template/script Script is now the only change item that needs to be managed
  • Compute-intensive clinical trial simulations that previously took 60 hours are now completed in only 1.2 hours
  • Running simulations 98% faster led to more efficient and less costly clinical trials and better conditions for patients.

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