Big Data Analytics & Engineering Consulting Services

Data Analytics & Engineering

Engineering continuous relevance for the customer and the enterprise with data analytics and AI.

We build scalable, human-centric, de-risked data driven culture that unlocks billions of dollars of significant value for our customers.

Data Analytics & Engineering

Leveraging our design thinking expertise, we identify low resistance high adoption MVPs and with the right choice of tech, cloud platforms, methods accelerate the time to market for data products architected for scale.

To ensure continuity of business value and relevance, we manage change ahead & institutionalize new ways for responsible data consumption aided by low touch ModelOps & DataOps that improves satisfaction, reliability, and efficiency.

Impact of Data Analytics & Engineering


Business Value Unlock

Design thinking-led approach combined with the ability to capture, maintain & utilize data for its potential to improve decision making.



Scaling analytics capabilities for clients through differentiated delivery, change management, productization and adaptation of agile & DevOps for analytics.



Significantly reduce time to value with proven accelerators, frameworks and IPs.

Our Services


Data Engineering

Assessment and blueprinting of a robust data strategy and implementation of data migration, data lake and master data management programs. Not only do we align the data program with a vision focused on customer centricity through Customer Data Platforms but also provide robust governance of data by leveraging best practices across data catalog, data quality, data lineage, and data compliance.


CX Engineering & Digital Analytics

To transform into a customer focused enterprise we help organizations to discover user experience insights, identify new customer segments and target them with next best actions delivered through state of the art marketing stack.


Data Science & AI

Offer proven methodologies to industrialize AI with end-to-end capabilities across the Model lifecycle. With deep capabilities in Behavioural Science, Classic ML, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, AIOps and suite of pre-built vertical and horizontal accelerators we guide clients from uncertainty and confusion to clarity, focus and confidence in data science initiatives.


BI & Analytics

Explore beyond the data and uncover transformational insights that can propel your business into the future. Transform your business with the power of insights through our offerings in Business Consulting, Insights as a Service, Guided Analytics, Advanced Visualizations and rapid Development & Implementation.

Our Solutions


Supply Chain 360

A comprehensive, industry-agnostic solution that covers key supply chain personas and their complex interactions. It simplifies the complexity of the myriad of planning tools involved in an SC ecosystem.


Revenue Acceleration and Assurance

A one-stop design thinking-led solution that enables personalized insights delivery to accelerate recognition and improve visibility across the enterprise. This solution leverages data-driven digital applications, customer prioritization & coverage models, and forecasting & planning.


Analytics CoE

By leveraging a host of supporting accelerators on testing, natural language querying, data governance, migration reports & dashboards, we help a wide variety of clients augment their businesses and overcome challenges across different engagement models.


BI Modernization

Brillio can help you build a future-proof Business Intelligence landscape with our reports rationalization, metrics & KPIs standardization, and user persona-based insights services that rewards your business with increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, faster use-case adoption, and cost optimization.


Data and Analytics Strategy Assessment

Brillio helps organizations succeed in their big data and AI initiatives through the Data and Analytics Strategy (DASH) Framework that assesses the enterprise across key dimensions and lays the foundation for becoming a data-driven enterprise.


AI Immersion Framework

Brillio enables organizations to deliver intelligent experiences by leveraging the potential of AI. With the power of AI Labs, Brillio brings together capabilities for assessing an organization’s entire IT portfolio to solve the most daunting business challenges, enabling innovation and growth.


Data Lake on the Cloud

Brillio’s expertise in end-to-end data lake implementation is supported with the right set of tools, processes, and people, enabling enterprises to build, run, and manage data and analytics products on the cloud.


Campaign Personalization

Brillio empowers enterprises to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and deliver personalized marketing experiences based on AI-driven insights, enabling them to achieve enhanced customer engagement, reduced acquisition cost, and improved marketing efficiency.

Analyst Highlights

Rated Leader in Zinnov Zone 2021 Ratings for AI Engineering

Cited a Major Contender in Everest’s PEAK Matrix Assessment for Data & Analytics 2021

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