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Surprisingly, structural changes are most often accelerated during the periods of economic downturn. Research suggests that getting ahead relative to peers during the recession gives companies a significant advantage when the economy starts to recover.

Recalibrate for the New Reality.

Today's business cycle is unlike any other, making it particularly difficult for business leaders and customers to navigate. The complexity of factors influencing the global economy has created a highly uncertain environment. Organizations must identify the key initiatives that will mitigate the exposure to these market forces. Digital helped companies stay resilient during the pandemic. A new wave of digital adoption will continue to keep businesses resilient and relevant to their customer base.

5 Forces of Disruption

Unlike historical recessionary periods that were driven by a central event, this business cycle of uncertainty and volatility is fueled by 5 forces:

What can we do as we prepare for the next cycle?

Preparation NOT Panic

Organizations should begin to prepare themselves for the next recession


Many businesses are already heading into a downturn with an advantage

Get Ahead

Research suggests that getting ahead relative to peer during recession gives companies an advantage that is tough to reverse when the economy is doing better

How to successfully ACE today’s market turmoil

Our three-part framework gives companies a guide for how to leverage digital capabilities, advanced analytics, and innovation to bolster productivity and business performance

  • Drive agility and reduce operating costs earlier in the recession cycle
  • Focus on building more flexibility into investment-planning and operations.
  • Reprioritize CapEx on digital transformations to maintain competitive advantage
  • Continue to virtualize new programs and supporting IT infrastructure

  • Focus on maintaining loyalty among high-value customers
  • Consumption patterns are changing, rapidly
  • Protect loyal customers as primary source of cash flow and organic growth
  • Quickly understand relevant shifts in customer behaviors
  • Use advanced analytics and AI for intelligent pricing
  • Innovate CX for deeper trust and engagement

  • Strategically increase capital expenditures with differentiated products and platforms for when economy recovers.
  • Countercyclically increase capital expenditures on pipeline of innovations ready to roll out on short notice (e.g.Applied Meta, Digital Twins, Product Platforms)
  • Companies that wait until the economy is in full recovery to ramp up will be at the mercy of better-prepared competitors.

At Brillio, we turn disruption into a competitive advantage for our clients. Our digital fluency helps us create value with the speed and scale our clients require now. We’ll enable your organization to rapidly re-calibrate to shifting economic conditions and new customer behaviors using our wide range of digital capabilities. Be resilient, protect revenue and grow competitive strength.

Let’s ACE this business cycle together for competitive advantage.

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