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Our Culture

Fuelling the Brillio growth story

Award-Winning Culture

Brillio is built on a foundation of world-class differentiated culture. We’re committed to creating an employee-centric environment through comprehensive benefits, learning & development opportunities, and much more.

Global Talent

Spread across six locations globally – USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Romania & India, Brillians are a beacon of innovation. Our leading digital talent is passionate about accelerating the digital journey of our clients.


Equal Opportunity

We’re committed to empowering our employees by creating a diverse and inclusive work environment to offer a platform where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.


Accelerate YOU

We’re obsessed with Accelerating our people’s career journey. Brillians constantly upskill themselves through our comprehensive training and development modules and become true catalysts for growth.

The Mighty League

Our unprecedented growth is fueled by our people and we are firmly committed to support developing our mighty middle management, “The Mighty League” into future leaders. The Mighty League is our highly aspirational middle management team that is the powerhouse behind our success and brings a very diverse set of experiences, capabilities and the zeal to fuel our growth.

Beyond the professional lives…

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