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A partnership built on shared values of customer success, innovation, and transforming enterprises to ‘digital-first’ businesses

Since our inception in 2014, Brillio has partnered with Microsoft, collaborating to bring best-in-class enterprise products to market. Together, we have helped more than 40 enterprises evolve into “digital-first” businesses, earning Brillio a place in the prestigious list of top globally Managed Solution Partners (MSP).

We are one of 60 Azure Expert MSPs.

We pride ourselves on having successfully executed the world’s first SAP to Azure migration, earning us the 2018 WW SAP on Azure Partner of the Year finalist award. As partners working towards your digital success, we are continuously delivering combined solutions in the areas of Azure Platform, Office 365, SQL Server, Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, IoT, and Product Engineering.

Our successful collaborative digital transformation implementations have been in the areas of:

    •  Data integration
    •  Big data solutions implemented on public and private clouds
    •  Infrastructure migration to the cloud
    •  Hybrid cloud implementations
    •  Advanced data visualization
    •  Self-service BI

Our Offerings

Azure Migration

We help assess, enable, migrate, and manage your entire IT portfolio on Azure with a strong focus on the end-user experience and business continuity. Our end-to-end expertise in Azure Strategy & Consulting, Assessments, Azure Builds & Migrations, Enablement, and, CloudOps & FinOps guides the modernization and migration of existing infrastructure into secure, multi-cloud environments, seamlessly.

Azure Managed Services

Brillio’s managed services provides offers end-to-end management of the entire enterprise infrastructure to fuel Target Operating Models that are aligned to business needs and established by right standards and right integrations across people, process, tools and technology. The scope of services includes Service Management, Application Packaging, OS Imaging, Patch Management, License Management, Asset Management, SLA Management and Procurement Management.

Azure DevSecOps & Automation

Brillio’s Azure DevSecOps and Automation services are dedicated towards improving efficiencies and reducing client’s infrastructure costs year-on-year through continuous improvement and innovation. We bring together Rapid Delivery and Secure Code across all stages of application development and delivery operations and orchestrate the use of automation technologies, tools or platforms like AI/ML, Robotic Process Automation, IT Process Automation, Low-code/no-code to enable Hyper Intelligent Automation. Key use cases include Password Reset Automation, Self Service kit, Intelligent End User Device Management, Event Correlation and Analytics, and IaaC Automation.

Azure SQL Server, Data Lake, and Analytics

Brillio helps companies unlock the potential of data and enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. We offer a global delivery model that leverages the best of domain expertise and analytics capabilities.

SAP on Azure

Brillio brings to clients a differentiated approach for SAP to Azure migration. Crafted on the back of our deep understanding and proven expertise in managing SAP and Microsoft technical intricacies, we are able to deliver on the promise of short development cycles at substantially lesser costs. Brillio leverages its proprietary cloud & infrastructure platform, to automate key transactional processes related to assessment, migration, and workload monitoring and management to further accelerate time to value.

Azure Security Services

Brillio deploys state-of-the-art security technologies to support threat detection, threat protection and response coordination of security alerts and incidents through remote 24x7x365 monitoring.
Our holistic approach and a highly skilled cybersecurity experts, ensures all events, suspicious user activity, and security-related data sources are co-related and appropriate alerts are raised and notified for faster responses and resolutions of incidents.

Azure Network Services

Brillio helps secure your critical business setup with pragmatic networks, security postures and in-depth security models to identify, detect, govern, and remediate threat vectors for enterprises. Leveraging next gen technologies – SASE, AI/ML models, Orchestration and Response, we enrich customer’s security defense mechanism. Our approach on network services ensures alignment with various industry standards and regulatory compliance security controls and postures management. Brillio provides services across an array of networking devices including but not limited to WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, Firewalls, Cloud Network, SDWAN.

Power Platforms Launchpads

Brillio’s Power Platform Launchpad enables enterprises to embrace & harness the true potential of Microsoft Power Platform by combining the robust capability of PowerApps, PowerBI, Power Automate & Power Virtual Agents into one powerful low-code business application platform. We assist enterprises to get a jump start in their journey of adopting Power Platform for creating robust process automation, broad integration capabilities, overall governance, data democratization & visualization.

Modern Workspaces

Transform workplace experience without business interruption and the impact on the productivity of end-users, while migrating/implementing Microsoft 365. Brillio leverages its proprietary OneCloud to assess environment requirements and maps them to Microsoft 365 to identify and mitigate potential gaps for a risk-free implementation. Brillio anchors implementations of productive intranet on SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams roll-outs for collaboration and rapid business innovation through Power Platform integrations.

Legacy Application Modernization

Brillio enables cost-effective and efficient modernization the legacy using Azure serverless. Brillio is a leader in designing and implementing cloud-native applications that are highly scalable and available to meet dynamic business needs. Brillio eliminates security vulnerabilities from business critical applications and save IT budgets and time significantly.

Digital Twins

Brillio collaborates with clients to identify critical issues in product lifecycle, customer experience, service provisioning and leverage Digital Twin with AI as a tool to make the product life cycle and experience machine-readable and machine controllable. Brillio anchors design, prototyping, testing and validation of Digital Twin in a virtual space, enabling more experimentation and rapid validation of product, process or experience.


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