Identifying and closing more deals with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Shital Shirsat • February 07, 2020
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Customer experience isn’t all about customer-facing apps and portals. Quite often, empowering front-office executives with solutions for an improved experience can significantly impact their ability to deliver a superior customer experience in turn, and as a result, help the organization grow. A case in point is this engagement with one of the largest Financial institutes with operations across the world and how this client has transformed and doubled the growth potential by focusing on improving the experience of their front-office teams.

Legacy systems affecting the efficiencies of Relationship Managers

The client is one of the leaders in the Corporate Lending space. Their Relationship Managers (RM) had been using legacy and on-premise solutions for generating applications and communicating with the customers. In the digital world, RMs must get real-time insights into the application status, a view into the deal stages, notifications on the applications, and the ability to renew the extension on loans. On the other side, the borrowers (customers) must have a way to check the status of their application and work with RMs to provide the required documents. However, the legacy system did not offer any of these, leading to inefficient performance, slow progress, and eventually a sub-optimal customer experience

Some of the key challenges specifically were,

  • RMs were not able to honor the SLAs as they did not have visibility into the application status for them to take appropriate actions
  • Inability to filter and prioritize deals based on the status, led to RMs focusing on low value and wrong deals
  • The system did not provide any notification of the tasks or the deal status, and this made RMs react late to the situation
  • The Borrowers were not able to check the status of their deal online and work with RMs to provide required documents

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and an AppExchange custom product to the rescue

The need for a modern, powerful, and customized system for evident. The client needed an ecosystem that could transform the RMs experience and enable the borrowers and underwriters to work seamlessly as well. Brillio, a Salesforce product development partner (PDO), was given a single line requirement to make RMs more efficient and improve the overall customer experience. Brillio consulting team jumped in and conducted discovery workshop sessions to understand their existing application and RMs needs. The persona-based approach helped Brillio capture user expectations and design a solution that involved:

  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: Provides all the domain-based features that the Corporate Lending business needs
  • Salesforce Lightning: The Lightning Experience delivers unbelievable UI for all personas, such as RMs and borrowers
  • SFDX: Enables faster development with Scratch Orgs and Unlocked Packages 

Brillio’s Salesforce product development team built a robust application based on these components and deployed it on the Salesforce AppExchange. During the process, Brillio built a data model that can store, display, and send/receive data from their APIs, allowing seamless integration with their legacy apps. The team re-engineered the processes and aligned them with the best practices of Salesforce making optimal use of Salesforce Lightning features, such as Lightning Experience, SFDX, Persona Based and QA Automation

Key features developed included:

  • RM friendly homepage dashboard

The homepage provides a single snapshot of all the information from applications to the dashboards. RMs can get a view of multiple records and their related records on the same screen through various filters and search criteria.

  • Product Wizard-based Workflows:

The wizard gives a step-by-step view and enables the RMs to create new customers, search existing customer, and create applications with just one click. The wizard helps the RMs to create multiple products, with multiple pricing, fees, and roles – All with minimal data entry.

  • QUIP Reports:

RMs can dynamically create documents with a combination of SF records and other relevant text, share the document link with customers on the community portal, communicate/iterate on the document and make updates as per customer requests.

  • Webhook Notifications:

This feature promptly notifies RMs on any updates to their applications

  • Community Portal:

The portal enables customers to view their application, upload documents and track the progress of their applications

  • Integration:

Brillio created close to 20 APIs to integrate with the internal systems and give RMs a unified experience

With the Salesforce Ecosystem, efficiency and customer experience is just the beginning

The impact on the client’s growth was broad and brought in improvements such as,

45% improvement in RM efficiency: The product wizard workflow, minimal data entry, real-time visibility into status all contributed to the RM being more aware and action oriented.

More applications mean more business growth: Unlocking the RMs efficiency led to them processing more applications, quickly identify opportunities, and close them. This saw a surge in overall business growth.

Real-time status for customers: The community portal helped the customers to know the status in real-time and also act fast based on any documentation requirement. This overall improved their ability to get the loan and their experience dealing with the RMs

Smooth and unambiguous communication: Accurate data helps in confident communication. There was a significant improvement in RMs communication with the borrowers and underwriters.

Scalable platform for the future: The Salesforce ecosystem ensures that the client is ready for 10X growth without a need for any product re-engineering.

Brillio’s extensive expertise in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, SFDX, Salesforce Lightning, and the ability to bring it all together as a Salesforce product development specialist (PDO) was crucial to the success of this engagement.

Is your legacy system holding you back? Reach out to our experts at, and we will do a quick assessment and give you a roadmap to unlock the true potential of your business.

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