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Warehouse Management Solution with AWS

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Migrate on-premise applications to AWS, with reduced costs and zero downtime


The client needed to design a business continuity plan for cloud applications, as well as a major overhaul by migrating on-premise applications to the cloud. The client needed non-interrupted operations, with a flexible infrastructure on the cloud, and also to optimize costs.

  • Optimize cloud services and resource cost
  • Reduce operational overhead on EC2 instances
  • Security assessment of cloud applications
  • Critical business applications to be available round the clock


Brillio started by implementing an AWS Well-Architected Framework. We have also created a Disaster Recovery plan and implemented them on AWS.

  • Implemented secure access to EC2 instances over HTTPS to reduce resource overhead
  • Utilized AWS Billing and Cost management services to keep a close tab on resource utilization
  • Availability zones and load balancing to achieve high availability of critical applications

Technology Landscape:

  • AWS EC2, AWS EBS, AWS EFS, AWS CFT, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS RDS, AWS Cloud Watch

Business Benefits

Following Brillio’s implementation, there was a significant cost reduction and resource optimization by leveraging AWS’s flexible cloud infrastructure. The client also achieved non-stop operations on critical applications.

  • 40% cost saving on AWS resources
  • Zero downtime was observed on critical applications using the load balancer
  • Reduced operation overhead by 55% of EC2 instances
  • 25% reduction in AWS resource spend by utilizing AWS billing & cost management services

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