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Infrastructure Optimization using NextGen MSP

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Reduce costs, optimize release cycles, and improve security with AWS


The client’s operating model relies on frequent release cycles. In order to align with their business goals, they needed Brillio to leverage its expertise to deliver faster release cycles and optimize the processes and infrastructure.
The customer also wanted parallel admin control for users, not only for partners, to manage their infrastructure, as well as enhanced security and governance.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio has created multiple CloudFormation templates for different environments to reduce manual provisioning and further optimize the processes.

We have leveraged our deep AWS DevOps expertise, along with CI/CD tools for rapid and safe software delivery.

For further cost-reduction, we have started monitoring costs using AWS cost management features. We’ve helped the client set up budgets and alerts in case of unexpected spikes.

  • Baked in the monitoring agent installation in the AMI which is part of the Autoscaling group launch config
  • Perform a monthly audit on AWS environment to scan the vulnerabilities in the security group ports, find IAM users with no MFA, rotate credentials, etc.

Technology Landscape:

  • AWS Cloud, AWS DevOps, AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudFormation

Business Benefits

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client managed to significantly reduce costs. The new cloud features also provided improved security, as well as much faster release cycles, helping the client align their processes with their business goals.

  • More than 25% cost savings by leveraging AWS cost management features
  • Security posture was improved by conducting regular audits
  • 35% reduction in release cycle by using CloudFormation & CI/CD tools

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