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Creating an end-to-end compliance platform on Salesforce

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Delivering robust compliant interactions for a leading healthcare service provider

About the Client

The client is a US-based multinational company serving the combined industries of healthcare, information technology and clinical research. It is a provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services, focused primarily on Phase I-IV clinical trials and associated laboratory and analytical services, including consulting services. It has a network of more than 58,000 employees in over 100 countries. As of 2019, the client was reported to be one of the world’s largest contract research organizations.

Business Challenge

The client was growing rapidly, and their existing .NET legacy solution was not working in accordance with the rising demands of the industry; thereby impacting its revenue and growth. Key challenges faced by the client included:

  • Time-consuming: The existing solution was extremely complex and weak since every product had to be custom-built for each customer consuming more time
  • Lack of mobile support: The solution did not support mobile and tablet devices that were in high demand by customers
  • Demand for low-cost solutions: Market was demanding lower cost solutions for their compliance needs
  • Lack of product development expertise: In-house team of the client lacked the Salesforce platform and product development knowledge


To resolve these challenges, the client partnered with Brillio, a Salesforce product development specialist, to deliver a custom product for health industry on Salesforce AppCloud for life sciences businesses. Brillio team followed a phased approach to:

  • Offer a global device-agnostic user experience that allows customers to configure features and define workflows that match their specific compliance and operational business needs. ​Key features of the product included:
    • Interaction Management: Provides template-based approach to allow customers to configure different events such as Speaker Bureau Events, Advisory Board Programs, Virtual Host Programs, Clinical Trials, Training Campaigns
    • Business Rules Engine: Allow customers to define rules to meet different compliance rules per state and country
    • Cap Rules Engine: Enforces customer defined rules on transfer of values to HCP per engagement
    • Organization Hierarchy: Flexible organizational hierarchy providing visibility
  • Migrate existing platform to Salesforce Self-service portal for customers (HCPs, HCOs) of pharma companies via the community; the portal included various pages such as Home, Contracting, RSVPs, Trainings, Invoices and Expenses
  • Provide a single unified user experience across all user groups, browsers, and devices including:
    • 1. User-specific customized home page showcasing dashboard and work queue items
    • 2. More intuitive workflow and highly extensible customizable application
    • 3. Custom base components and custom lightning interfaces
    • 4. Code sharing using service components
    • 5. Base screen configuration to support implementation team so that they can clone the app pages and further customize as per the business need
    • Create a mobile self sign-in for live program attendee management to eliminate bottlenecks with Sequential Electronic Sign-in​; key features include:
      • 1. Distribute workload simultaneously across the attendees’ mobile devices
      • 2. Leverage QR codes to initiate mobile self sign-in
      • 3. Program-level QR codes for walk-in attendees
      • 4. Unique QR codes for pre-registered attendees
      • 5. Attendees complete the process on their phones
      • 6. Time-bound program survey delivered to attendees on mobile via SMS or email

The team helped create a single repository to collect and consolidate all HCP/ HCO transfer of value interaction data enabling proactive compliance at the time of interaction.

 Business Benefits and Impact

  • Successfully delivered first Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in just under 4 months
  • Built flexible and service first architecture to support the global event compliance across regions for large life science companies
  • Continuous delivery model with 10+ major releases in over 7 years and deployment at 11 out of top 20 global pharmaceutical companies
  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration by pivoting the client from solution-based to a product company

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