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Life science companies are faced with a myriad of challenges, including complex regulatory frameworks, proliferation of data, and complex research while embracing emerging trends such as personalized medicine, AI-driven drug discovery, and telemedicine

Brillio delivers 40% ROI, 30% faster user provisioning, 75% reduction in false positives by ensuring cloud compliance, robust data analysis and streamlined research. We harness the power of AI and ML to elevate pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health initiatives, propelling patient outcomes and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.


Segments in spotlight: Our Focus Areas​


Accelerate research and development to deliver improved patient outcomes. ​

Medical Devices​

Empower medical devices organizations to turn data into assets and devices into holistic solutions.​​ ​

Digital Health & Products

Build scalable and user-friendly patient-centric solutions seamlessly.​ ​


Create a dynamic framework for engaging with stakeholders and advancing medical research, clinical trials, and digital health solutions.​ ​


Fuelling Success: Our Powerhouse ​​ Capabilities

patient experience software

Patient Experience​

Leverage specialized solutions encompassing mobile app creation, IoT, data strategy, and analytics for driving digital transformation. Enhance patient experience through AI in Healthcare solutions, such as chatbots or Omnichannel Patient Engagement.​


Digital Health​

Drive patient and HCP-focused Digital Health Services initiatives with expertise that spans mobile health, telehealth, telemedicine, health analytics, and more. Revolutionize well-being management & foster a secure, collaborative healthcare ecosystem.


Medical Devices

Deliver medical device innovation with expertise in engineering for cutting-edge connected healthcare solutions. Improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient care by leveraging wireless, IoT, and AI/ML health devices that adapt to trends and expedite R&D.​


Digital Therapeutics​

Deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients by integrating high-quality healthcare software solutions and seamlessly prevent, manage, or treat a broad spectrum of physical, mental, and behavioral conditions.​


Smart Clinical Trials​​

Utilize advisory, digital engineering, AI, analytics, and automation to enhance clinical research. From patient consent to data exchange, streamline processes with digital tools for instant access, quality oversight, virtual trials, and data strategies.​


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Individualizing patient experience.​
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