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Brillio’s digitization offerings underpinned by product-mindset, is enabling enterprises to reap multi-pronged benefits with Google cloud adoption

Brillio is a trusted provider for enterprises in their digital journey leveraging the Google Cloud Platform program. Our partnership with Google Cloud helps build the next generation of enterprise cloud-native solutions for our customers.

We bring together a mix of cross-domain functional expertise, deep technical experience, and powerful public cloud technology. Through our collaborations, we create a strong foundation for enterprise digital initiatives like app modernization, big data, analytics, and enterprise application migration. Brillio commands a diverse set of proprietary IPs that apply automation, analytics, and AI capabilities throughout the entire lifecycle, from planning and execution to operations management.

Our Offerings

GCP Assessment & Strategy Formulation

Leveraging our tailored consulting values, we have been building successful customer cloud strategies on the Google Cloud Platform.
Our holistic Digital Index™-driven method to discover and analyze the current state, with exhaustive questionnaires & interactive stakeholder workshops, enables us to understand the gap between the envisioned state & the current state.

GCP Build & Migration

Brillio leverages best-in-class Google Cloud Platform solutions to build and manage cloud-native business apps and provides faster migrations to GCP. We enable our clients to modernize their enterprise infrastructure by seamlessly migrating workloads to the cloud with managed services tailored for the Google Cloud Platform. We accelerate migration through our time-tested BrillioOne.ai™ processes & frameworks while optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.


We help clients migrate their SAP workloads onto Google Cloud, improving resilience, agility, and optimizing costs. Brillio leverages its proprietary cloud & infrastructure platform BrillioOne.ai™, to automate key transactional processes related to assessment, migration, and workload monitoring and management to further accelerate time to value.

CloudOps & CloudFinops

We provide consolidated SLA management, LOB integration, orchestration, and AI Ops-driven operations management services for our clients. Brillio has developed Cost Module, a well-defined framework for cloud cost optimization, as part of our BrillioOne.ai™ platform.

Data Modernization

Ensure the creation of easy-to-scale data engineering workflows through an agile process. All of Brillio’s engagements, from discovery to delivery, are aligned with agile practices.

Data Foundations on GCP

Design and implement enterprise data solutions leveraging GCP data services, Greenfield data warehouse, and Data Lakes at speed and at scale.

GCP Data Warehouse Modernization

Google Cloud data warehouse solutions, as managed services optimized for analytics, scale, and ease of use.

Data Migration & Data Lake Implementation

Enable the creation of a data lake platform and data migration from a diverse set of sources across on-prem and cloud. ​

Autoscaling Services

A suite of autoscaling services that enable the creation of a data lake that integrates with the client’s existing applications, skills, and IT investments.

Migration to Google Cloud

Migration to Google Cloud to run and manage your databases at a global scale, optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.

Our Expertise


Data Science

All Classic ML and Advanced AI projects involve Discovery/Strategy and AI Industrialization on end-to-end execution.



Comprehensive frameworks and accelerators built for end-to-end model lifecycle; expertise in Kubernetes and Vertex AI​.



Industry-wide experience in AutoML Tables, AutoML Vision, and AutoML Language. ​


Google Cloud APIs

Deep expertise in Vision API, Document AI, Recommendation AI, Translation API, Video Intelligence, etc. ​


Dashboard Capabilities – Looker

Using the latest visualization tools and technologies of GCP, we offer a wide range of dashboards that can render customized reports and graphs. We enable self-service reporting, leveraging GCP native and Brillio’s accelerators.


Payer Competitive Intelligence

Built to create a competitive edge for US-based managed healthcare companies, Payer Competitive Intelligence (PCI) is Brillio’s SaaS-based solution powered by the GCP Cloud Platform to provide competitive intelligence.

With access to the competitor information, it is more important to build intelligent frameworks to generate actionable insights that will help Healthcare organizations stay ahead of the curve. Google Cloud has been at the forefront of helping HCLS organizations transform to meet these needs.

We believe that integrating our solution with the Google Cloud ecosystem will enhance Brillio’s proposition for Price Transparency Intelligence.

Payer Competitive Intelligence also integrates cloud-native Google services like App Engine, Cloud Composer, Big Query, Cloud SQL, Looker & Object Store.

Telehealth CMS Interoperability

Telehealth CMS Interoperability on GCP is Brillio’s PaaS-based solution, powered by Google Cloud Healthcare API that brings patient health data from multiple sources into a single standard interoperable source. The framework enables Providers with deeper patient visibility and intuitive insights for holistic treatments, auto-detect patterns, and predicts clinical outcomes.

As part of our well-built observability, security, and governance practice, both our solutions leverage GCP services Cloud IAM, Cloud Key Management, Cloud Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention API, Cloud Logging, and Error Reporting.


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