Our culture is driven by Brillio’s Core Values and it is the foundation of who we are as an organization. We equip and empower our employees to push boundaries with an ‘Entrepreneurial’ spirit as they craft ‘Customer Success’ stories. With our customer-centric approach, we deliver ‘Excellence’ at every level of our collaboration and this is what fuels Brillio’s growth story.While we are proud of our journey so far, ‘We Care’ about our customers, employees and the community where we thrive in. We strive to stay committed to lighting up 100000 young minds through our CSR efforts.

WoW (With our Women) – ONE Step Towards Inclusive Brillio

The leadership team at Brillio firmly believes that true strength is accomplished by working together to make our vision a reality. Diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of this strength and to create this environment within Brillio, we will follow the ONE approach—Open to all cultures, Neutral to all genders & generations, and Equal opportunity to all.

To reinforce our company’s commitment to promoting gender diversity in Brillio, and on the one-year anniversary of the launch of Brillio’s WoW (With Our Women) Program, Brillio is personally taking on the following goals by next year:

  • We aim to have women represent 33% of Brillio by 2022. Currently, we are at 28%. We can and will do better!
  • We will have one woman leader join our board of directors by 2023.
  • Our Founder and CEO Raj Mamodia recently signed a statement to uphold the United Nation’s Women Empowerment Principles, which is a commitment to put into action gender equality and women’s empowerment.https://www.unglobalcompact.org/take-action/action/womens-principles


Hear how these male leaders within Brillio plan to support these goals, to make Brillio a more gender diverse and inclusive team:

I truly believe that by exposing underprivileged children to disruptive technologies early in life, fuels their imagination and in turn democratizes the innovation and entrepreneurship process.”

We must also contribute to society.

Raj Mamodia, CEO, Brillio

Our goal is to enable over 100,000 young minds globally to flourish and succeed in the new digital world.

Lighting up Smiles across the world with

bringing-smiles logo

Our goal is to provide equality for students in terms of digital access and innovation. Our focus is directed on schools where technology education is virtually non-existent. Brillio’s CSR programs are designed to bridge the gap in STEM education, which are driven by Brillian volunteers.

To be able to reach out through education and trainings, we are happy to fuel young minds and get them started on their dreams and goals for tomorrow!

  • 375Schools engaged
  • 36,910+Children learning
  • 25,810+Volunteering hours

Brillio firmly believes in the spirit of giving back. With ‘Brillio Smiles’ we are committed to connecting young students to the technology of tomorrow through education, trainings and workshops.


Brillio is proud to be a recipient of several prestigious CSR Awards.

They inspire and encourage us to strive for more ambitious goals and keep the momentum going!

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Giving back to the community is an integral part of our company culture and soul of the organization, and Bringing Smiles is one of Brillio’s greatest achievements. In four short years, we have engaged nearly 36,910 young minds and clocked in over 25,000 volunteering hours. Our environment sustainability efforts helped us in reducing our carbon footprint by 25%.
Abhishek Ranjan, Global Head – CSR

Let’s create something amazing together!

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