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Lineage Logistics is the world’s largest and most innovative temperature-controlled industrial REIT and logistics solutions provider. The company’s expertise in end-to-end logistical solutions, its unrivaled real estate network, and its use of technology combine to promote food safety, increase distribution efficiency, advance sustainability, lessen environmental impact, and minimize supply chain waste.


The client needed to design a business continuity plan for cloud applications, as well as embark on a major overhaul by migrating on-premise applications to the cloud. The client needed non-interrupted operations, with a flexible infrastructure on the cloud, and also to optimize costs.

  • Optimize cloud services and resource cost
  • Reduce operational overhead on EC2 instances
  • Security assessment of cloud applications
  • Critical business applications to be available round the clock


Following a comprehensive analysis of the customer requirements, Brillio determined that the best course of action would be to implement Next-Gen AWS MSP solutions.

We have identified a number of next-gen AWS solutions and technologies that would work together perfectly to deliver the right outcomes to our client: AWS EC2, AWS EBS, AWS EFS, AWS CFT, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS RDS, and AWS Cloud Watch.

By leveraging next-gen AWS MSP, Brillio is able to build and deliver end-to-end business solutions and drive cloud transformation at any stage of the cloud journey, which means not only significant immediate opportunities but also that we set the stage for whatever scale the client wants to achieve in the future.

Brillio started by creating an AWS Well-Architected Framework and a Disaster Recovery plan and implemented them on AWS.

We have also implemented secure access to EC2 instances over HTTPS to reduce resource overhead, and created availability zones and load balancing to achieve high availability of critical applications.

Our team utilized AWS Billing and Cost management services to keep a close tab on resource utilization and optimize costs.

Business Benefits

Following Brillio’s implementation of the next-gen AWS MSP solutions, the client achieved significant cost reduction and resource optimization by leveraging AWS’s flexible cloud infrastructure. The client also managed to reach non-stop operations on critical applications.

The total cost savings rose to 40% with the AWS resources.

More importantly, the implementation worked seamlessly, with zero downtime being observed on critical applications using the load balancer.

Leveraging the AWS solutions, we also managed to reduce the operational overheads by 55% of EC2 instances and achieve a 25% reduction in AWS resource spend by utilizing AWS billing & cost management services.

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