Streamlining Patient Engagement and Enhancing Clinician Experience During Dialysis

About the Customer

The client is a large kidney dialysis center company that provides dialysis treatment to patients who require evidence of attention by a clinician at the point of care.

Business Challenge 

The client needed to build a centralized Identity and Access management system for seamless product access. Being in a sterile environment and a PPE suit, clinicians are required to log in every 15 minutes and produce a unique digital signature. This generates over 500k logins per year with a huge number of inevitable account lockouts, hampering patient care.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio designed and deployed a system to support 350,000 patients at 4,000 locations globally. The implementation allowed clinical staff to log in once and then use the physical touch of a wristband for subsequent “passwordless” login. The entire process was automated, resulting in reduced costs, thus supporting handling constant workforce turnover too.

The process also included implementing a YubiKey authentication system with the universal directory.

Technologies partnership: Netskope, Okta, Yubico

Business Impact

Our implementation resulted in:

  • Enhanced user experience for clinical staff to provide better patient care. Improved clinical staff satisfaction.
  • Decreased help desk calls, which resulted in significantly better time allocation to patient care by mitigating redundant effort and reducing support costs.
  • Reducing the time required to access systems and generate digital signatures to less than 2 minutes.

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