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Customer Challenge 

The client team wanted to implement a modern data platform to ensure rapid build & deployment of new debt resolution models and insights into the business performance. They wanted to enable their B2B customers and internal agents to have a complete view of end-customer.

  • Lack of a single source of truth for business decision-making.
  • Extremely high time (8+ months) to build analytical models due to manual work, lack of data prep, etc.
  • Lack of tooling for Self-Service ML/BI and modern AI/ML capabilities.
  • Inconsistent data quality and governance hindering decision-making.

Brillio’s Solution 

Brillio provided a solution that addresses the current requirements as well as future proofs of the client’s aspirations of being a Self-Serve Analytics driven organization capable of leveraging industrial-grade analytics models for business decision-making.

  • Brillio started by ensuring comprehensive pre-migration planning, with landscape analysis and assessment of business requirements. We have meticulously performed data mapping and cleaning and created a Target Architecture design.
  • We have consolidated data into a single source of truth and standardized data management processes (ingestion, data quality, PII, lineage, audit, restart/recovery) and aggregation for KPIs, ensuring uniformity and mitigating the risk of errors. We have implemented strong data governance to ensure high platform adoption and PII data treatment for compliance with GDPR and the client’s code of conduct. We have also created a company-wide business glossary to support compliance and governance adoption throughout the organization.
  • We have built a self-service reporting portal for internal and external users, while also standardizing KPIs. We have ensured the deployment & consumption of an E2E model and ensured reusability, automation, and model testing.

Business Outcomes:  

  • Achieved 99.9% accuracy over last 3 years
  • No SLA (response, resolution) breach
  • Rapidly onboarded new data sources and data science models that enabled client to swiftly modify its revenue generation strategies (e.g. during the covid pandemic in 2020)
  • Ensured standard SOPs and KEDB for efficient resolution while accomplishing comprehensive knowledge management with easy search through knowledge graph implementation.
  • ROI of 3.7x times the investment.
  • Reduced model development time by 50%.
  • Doubled the number of models delivered. 
  • 70% reduction in the cost of data storage.
  • 50% faster new data source onboarding provisioned.

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