Optimizing Operations and Delivering a Secure CloudOps Implementation with AWS

About the Client:

One of the largest U.S.-based high-tech commercial banks that has helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward.


The client wanted to set up a platform for fraud detection to mitigate the risks associated with daily operations, therefore searching for a partner that could help them operate efficiently on AWS. Due to the nature of the client’s business, having almost zero platform downtime was paramount.

The client also wanted to manage daily operations such as logging & monitoring, incident management, backup, and vulnerability management. This meant that high utilization and optimization of resources on the cloud were necessary.

Brillio’s Solution:

Brillio provided a complete agile-based implementation of the platform leveraging serverless architecture (AWS lambda).

  • Implemented multiple CloudWatch dashboards & configured metrics to track issues.
  • Built a logging mechanism to capture logs from the platform and analyze them in case of any incident.
  • Implemented Brillioone.ai in an AWS environment to track, manage & optimize cloud expenses.
  • Redshift cluster relocation and cross-region snapshot enablement for backup and DR.

Business Benefits:

Brillio’s solution delivered a highly scalable environment with serverless architecture on AWS, with 200+ ALARMS Created across different asset classes, 50+ metrics monitored through the Cloud Watch dashboard, and zero downtime of the platform.

  •     30+ potential support use cases documented as part of the runbook.
  •     Extensive knowledge repositorycontaining documents detailing the practices, policies & processes.
  •     Up to 40% cost savings by leveraging Brillioone.ai for FinOps.
  •     Achieved a fully compliant, well-governed, and controlled environment on AWS

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