Optimize Business Operations With AWS For a Major Real-Estate Company

About Move

With a history of over 29 years, Move Inc. is a leading real estate listing company that operates multiple brands such as realtor.com and moving.com that help millions of American users find sale listings for all things home and moving services. The increasing volume and variety of users and their increasing reliance on websites in real estate prompted Move to seek to deliver world-class customer experiences to buyers and sellers.


The client wanted to achieve Control, Standardization, Security & Governance, Maintenance, Scalability, DevOps, and low cost in its environment.

The client also needed improved agility, self-service, and faster time-to-market.


Following a deep dive analysis, Brillio decided that the client’s comprehensive request was best tackled by Next-Gen AWS MSP solutions.

Next-gen AWS MSPs focus on the business outcomes desired by the client and even go beyond them, targeting several key areas to help customers succeed, including migration, operations, and optimization.

Brillio’s implementation was enabled by AWS technologies such as AWS Cloud Formation Templates, AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, AWS ECS, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Elasticsearch, and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Brillio started by providing auto-deployment scripts for setup, configurations, deployment, and support, along with a self-service portal for FAR standardized cloud infrastructure setup.

We have integrated everything with DevOps to implement Continuous Integration and Deployment. The AWS resources used by the client are maintained by leveraging AWS CloudFormation templates.

Brillio has also implemented a notifications system via the Kinesis stream to immediately reflect any changes in the databases of other teams, which are now in sync with the latest changes.

Business Benefits

Following Brillio’s implementation, with the help of Next-Gen AWS MSP solutions, the client managed to drastically reduce provisioning time, as well as significantly improve governance and monitoring.

With the new cloud infrastructure features, we also managed to reduce the deployment time and provide instant changes in the databases.

  • Easier to auto-scale based on demand, reducing provisioning time by 70%.
  • Easy Governance and Monitoring of the health of instances, leading to 40% faster resolution of server-related issues.
  • Easily integrated with DevOps, which helps in auto-deploy and reduces deployment time by 45%.
  • Get immediate change updates from the database of the different systems resulting in better Governance.

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