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Data-driven ecommerce equals malware-free existence for everyone

Brillio upgrades legacy software into a new, more profitable e-commerce platform for a security software giant


Brillio’s streamlined e-commerce solution for Malwarebytes featured an enhanced, easy to use, and information-rich customer experience.

Customer and subscription data was synchronized for instant actionable insights and analysis. A robust cloud-based portal with a single shopping cart page reduced the cost of increasing sales volumes and renewals. The custom platform, based on software such as Heroku and Salesforce Sales Cloud, scaled in real time with Malwarebytes’ growing business model, giving Malwarebytes the flexibility to support both new products and specific marketing campaigns. Customer satisfaction increased and sales followed suit.


Malwarebytes is a world leader in advanced computer security and antivirus software. But their aging legacy sales system was struggling to meet the needs of its internal sales force and to efficiently serve their customers. The transformation experts at Brillio customized the organization’s existing software and engineered a scalable, cost-effective e-commerce solution for Malwarebytes, complete with deep data analytics to enable an insights-driven customer experience.

"Brillio helped us transform our sales and eCommerce platform so we could scale our operations alongside our growing business of protecting consumers and companies from advanced cyber-attacks. Their expertise with Salesforce and Heroku provided a solid foundation for a solution that blended platform and processes easing experience for our customers and employees to use and our engineers to manage."