Leveraging Advanced CX Design to Reimagine Terminix's Digital Customer Journey and Drive Revenue Optimization

About the Customer

Terminix is a leading provider of residential and commercial pest control. Leaders in the industry since 1927, Terminix serves approximately 2.9 million residential and commercial customers across 24 countries and territories.

Business Challenge

In the new digital paradigm, the ability to deliver personalized experiences is a true differentiator and driver of competitive advantage. Terminix needed to modernize its customer journey to align with their brand promise, while also improving KPIs.

Brillio’s Solution:

Following an end-to-end analysis of Terminix’s digital properties, Brillio designed a roadmap for a comprehensive customer experience (CX) overhaul, streamlining the customer journey and lead funnel. Our team focused on delivering highly localized and relevant experiences for Terminix customers and driving better brand awareness and lead generation.

To deliver the best results, the implementation was focused around three main goals:

  • Increase traffic acquisition
  • Drive lead generation
  • Create frictionless eCommerce

To improve traffic acquisition, on top of the visual overhaul, we focused the website redesign efforts on enhancing SEO capabilities. We revamped the website navigation to make it Google-friendly and relevant for users and changed the site structure following a customer-oriented approach. The pre-existing website was not optimized for mobile devices, making it one of our top priorities to improve the mobile experience. With a new responsive, SEO-friendly interface, we’ve also enhanced localization and branch findability by adding a new ’Find my branch’ capability.

To drive lead generation, we embarked on a personalization journey, starting with displaying the user location directly on the landing page. Terminix will leverage this new feature to show personalized content based on the user’s location and specific regional needs.

A frictionless eCommerce experience is paramount for successful digital endeavors. Brillio has significantly simplified price and service communication for Terminix. The customer has at a glance all the information needed to complete the transaction with a minimal number of steps. Everything is transparent and readily available.

Business Benefits: 

Following Brillio’s implementation, the revamped Terminix website started driving both organic and referral traffic growth. The improved interface, new SEO-driven mobile website, and strong personalization options are boosting KPIs such as on-site engagement and conversation rate. 

Terminix has also gained better customer insights with extended analytics, reviews, and surveys. We’ve conducted a deep-dive analysis and provided recommendations into areas that could negatively impact revenue, such as site abandonment or promotion strategy and functionality.

We’ve delivered an improved eCommerce functionality while streamlining the UX and added improved targeting via online product recommendations and promotion support.

Brillio has been a transformational partner in designing a frictionless experience for our customers. The roadmap Brillio imagined is instrumental to realizing a compelling user journey. The level of personalization and localization enables us to transform Terminix’s digital properties and reach our customers,” said John Hines, director and eCommerce leader, at Terminix.

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