Legacy Infrastructure Modernization and Migration to the Cloud

About the customer

A leading global relocation company, providing corporate relocation services to organizations of all sizes.


Our client sought to leverage the power of the cloud and boost efficiency, optimize costs, and improve operations. The company also wanted to automate IT delivery for development, testing, deployment, and monitoring within a hybrid environment (legacy and new strategic initiatives) without impacting business continuity.

  • Improve organizational agility and business processes, and obtain a faster time-to-market
  • Achieve the cost optimization goal
  • Leverage data and insights to make data-driven decisions


Brillio identified a complex solution, with a 3-step infrastructure migration, as well as a new implementation that would allow further automation according to the client’s needs. The migration process involved: database migration from on-premises to Amazon S3; domain migration from a 3rd party registrar to AWS Route53; and website migration from on-prem to S3, with all the configuration adjustments required.

  • Migrate to modern infrastructure, enabled by next-gen technologies
  • Rearchitect the legacy tech stack and tools to a MEAN stack on running on AWS, significantly increasing flexibility, efficiency, and scalability
  • Use Terraform to build infrastructure as code, paving the way to further automation and consistency


The implementation resulted in a much more consistent infrastructure across the board, and a central monitoring setup, as well as a significant organizational speed boost due to the increased automation.

  • Resource-allocation improved by 50%, mitigating losses and reducing redundancy
  • 25% IT cost savings by transitioning to a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure
  • Increased business agility by expediting time-to-market by up to 35%, and by doubling the feature-delivery speed

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