Increasing Customer Engagement via Real-Time Visualization Through Digital Twins for a Real Estate Company

About the Customer

The client is a real estate company based in California, USA. The client operates several real estate platforms that connect multiple property dealers with their prospective clients.

 Business Challenge    

The client was looking for a trusted partner who could help them increase customer engagement via real-time visualization of the property listings on their real estate platform. This need was further fueled by the Covid-19 impact where both the customer and agent mobility were limited. Hence, there was an underlying need for a platform where users could not only see the property images but could also have a complete 360-degree 3D view of the property. This need was critical as the competitors were quickly adapting to the change and the client wanted the early mover advantage.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio is a long-standing trusted partner of the client with more than 10 years of collaboration. Brillio utilized its state-of-the-art digital twin capability to respond to the client’s challenges. The Digital Twin capability was used to bring the 3D digital avatars of the properties to the client’s website which enabled the customers to have an interactive 3D tour of the houses. The customer’s cloud interactively views the house to get a feeling of real-time presence. This involved significant technology rearchitecting of the platform.

Brillio utilized its expertise in technologies like Cloud, Matterport, GraphQL, Node JS, and React JS to introduce the concept of Digital Twin to the client. A quick POC was done to quickly demonstrate the solution to the client to help them realize the potential of the solution. The POC and agile-based delivery approach ensured the client was quickly able to induct and scale up the functionality of its platform.

Business Impact

The client was able to fully experience the benefits delivered by the program. User engagement increased by 12% leading to more customer leads from the platform. This also served as a major differentiator for the client’s platform when compared to the competition, hence increasing the competitive advantage of the client’s platform.

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