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About the Customer

One of the leading American energy services providers, which had rapidly grown through several acquisitions in recent years, wanted to optimize and rationalize their heterogeneous data assets. The firm has 8000+ employees and multiple lines of business, generating energy from various sources. The company inherited a complex and diverse systems landscape through mergers and acquisitions and wanted to drive enterprise-wide transformation.

Business Challenge

The incredible increase in data size and complexity has made data processing a complex operation for energy institutions. Adding to the challenge are mergers and acquisitions that bring to the table, dissimilar infrastructures as well as disparate ecosystems. This mostly impacts business processes, complicating data management and gleaning information from it. For our client it also meant increased IT infrastructure cost, operational time, and data security are a few complications that could disrupt its entire set-up. The challenges include:

  • The increasing total cost of ownership in the existing on-premise model
  • Isolated and disparate systems/data sources
  • Heterogenous data
  • Data loading performance
  • Licencing cost of a Tera database
  • Report rationalization
  • Lack of advanced analytics for data monetization.

Business Impact and Benefits

Creating a data lake on cloud setting AWS base Infrastructure for client, consolidating the data at one source helped client optimize reports. Brillio instilled a data-driven approach to gather business information from one source driving high-value analytics, enhancing better business decisions and capturing just in time problem areas. Data relationship structure aided the client to drive innovation.

Brillio’s data lake solution enabled automated migration, delivery, support, and speedy value realization. Brillio also aided the client to not only migrate data to the cloud, but also bridge the skill gap through highly tailored knowledge transfer. Brillio protected the client’s personal data at source with data tokenization by abiding with the GDPR principles and ensured strong data governance practices.

Brillio automated the model creation for predictive analytics and performance adherence, which in turn reduced time to market. Additionally, there was self-serve BI enablement and training empowering the business users in the journey.

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