From Decline to Growth: Redefine Efficiency and Catalyze Innovation with Data Supply Chain Transformation - Brillio

Customer Challenge: 

Brillio partnered with the client to accelerate the transformation of the Data Supply Chain to drive efficiency and agility in the end-to-end data pipeline through automation, innovation & technology refresh, leading to significantly enhanced customer experience across multiple Business Units.

  • The sharp decline in enrollment and lower customer experience.
  • Lack of standardization.
  • Lack of data science-backed insights.
  • The new client took more than four weeks to onboard.
  • High operational costs on legacy technology.

Brillio’s Solution 

Brillio’s implementation was planned and delivered in three stages:

Phase 1: Due diligence. The setup phase, where we gathered requirements, set up our implementation, and prepared for the transition.

Phase 2: Transition Phase. Here is where we have systematically gone through Knowledge Acquisition, Shadow Ops, and Reverse Ops.

Phase 3: Ready State. Here we started the transfer of ownership, Continuous Knowledge Management, and Talent Management & Governance.

Across our implementation, we have ensured a risk-free & smooth transition, fixing bugs or flawed features, improving consistency and the speed of execution, and constantly implementing the latest features and tech refreshes.

Business Outcomes: 

Following our implementation, the client achieved a modernized data platform, significantly improving operational efficiency, optimizing costs, improving retention, and mitigating unwanted expenses.

Modernized Data Platform

  • Automated data processing activities with human-in-the-loop.
  • New tech stack to enable scale and cost efficiency.
  • Aligned to business use cases.

Risk-free Transition 

  • 10% retention of existing associates by client
  • 35% of associates rebadgedby Brillio.
  • Onsite ratio at 30%+ throughout 3 years.

Cost-Effective Execution 

  • Post Transition Savings of $2.7M in 3 years.
  • Year 3 spending in the new model reduced to 1.6M from 3.68M.

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