From Data to Diagnosis: Brillio's SaaS Solution Redefines Healthcare Trials by Unleashing Agility & Enhancing User Experience - Brillio

About the Client

The client is a US-based Healthcare company that digitally enables trials, simplifying and streamlining data generation and reducing the reliance on paper-based evidence gathering and management.

Customer Challenge

The client was looking for a trusted partner in the journey to transform their product offerings as well as bring in predictable delivery, standardization, and improved cost-effectiveness.​ Our solution was designed with a singular focus on creating the best value by not only addressing the current needs but also the future priorities.

Brillio’s Solution

Brillio provided a holistic SaaS solution that supports onboarding, operations, maintenance, and offboarding of customers to the platform.​

  • Microservices defined through domain-driven design which can expose business capabilities as a service to internal and external stakeholders​.
  • Application made modular making it easy to deploy changes to them in an isolated fashion without impacting the overall architecture.​
  • Automation first approach to ensure maximum test automation, automated test data setup, automated code quality checks, alerts, etc.​
  • Robust DevSecOps pipeline set up with a shift left mindset, enabling a high quality and efficient delivery chain.​
  • SSO integration for seamless user experience, with role-based authentication to ensure correct levels of abstraction​.

Business Outcomes

Brillio’s comprehensive SaaS solution had a significant impact on the business, streamlining and enhancing various aspects of its operations. Through the implementation, the platform could efficiently expose business capabilities to both internal and external stakeholders.

Overall, Brillio’s solution significantly improved the platform’s performance, agility, and user satisfaction, leading to notable business growth and operational excellence.

  • Plug’n Play Capability for Customers​
  • Better collaboration with Customers ​
  • Faster capability rollouts​
  • Robust DevSecOps pipeline set up with shift left mindset enabling for a high quality and efficient delivery.

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