End-to-end Customer Interaction via Mobile App for Better Loyalty Management

About the Customer

The client is an American company that manufactures licensed and limited Pop culture collectibles and is best known for its licensed vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. The company also creates officially licensed plush, action figures, apparel, board games, housewares, NFTs, and accessories. The client has partnered with retailers like GameStop, Amazon, Hot Topic, and Walmart in the US to sell their goods.

Business Challenge

The client’s business model runs on a ‘limited edition’ and for a limited period, corresponding with the release of a particular movie. It works on the theme of creating loyalty and has a subscription-based model to earn a recurring amount from the customers to access their products or services. The subscription box is later curated to delight various segments of customers such as Marvel Fans, other fanatics, etc. One of the customer’s pain points was that manual intervention while creating loyalty offers for the client’s customer base could generate errors leading to customer churn, directly taking a toll on customer satisfaction.

Brillio’s Solution

As soon as a new movie is released, the theme and the products of the entire merchandise system get updated accordingly. Brillio automated the entire merchandising system. An end-to-end customer interaction platform that is user interactive for iOS and Android devices was designed, developed, and delivered by Brillio. This includes functions such as user login, shopping, electronic payments, home shipping, and post-purchase assistance. Keeping in mind that customer preference and brand loyalty go hand in hand, Brillio also designed and developed a web application using the Minimum Viable Product execution strategy, allowing customers to customize characters to strengthen brand loyalty.

Business Impact

The merchandising system’s automation improved operational effectiveness and efficiency. The end-to-end customer interaction and web applications allowed customers to customize their experience, improved customer data management, and increased customer loyalty. These applications are flexible and scalable.

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