Driving CLTV of New Age Business Through B2B Personalization for a leading Tire Manufacturer.

About the Customer 

The client is a leading tire manufacturer based. They have 5 different sub-divisions based on the tire types they produce, consisting of about 150 sales reps.

Business Challenge

With 100+ years of experience in the industry, the client has always believed in delivering the best quality of products and services. The client wanted to minimize manual efforts as their developers had to manually backup codes to their local drives which increases the inability to track changes to the source code and retrieve older code versions for bug fixes.

The client had big visions for the company and looking for effective tracking of components despite frequent releases, as well as seamless collaboration between the developers.

Brillio’s Solution

The client chose Brillio as the key partner to drive CLTV of new-age Businesses through B2B Personalization. Brillio enabled the client’s vision with Sales Transformation by redefining the Sales Platform. With best-in-class Transformation Expertise, Brillio helped the client achieve the aim of driving CLTV through new age B2B personalization.

The entire transformation has enabled the Business Teams to maximize efficiency and helped them manage the system effectively.

Brillio’s approach was as follows:

  • Set up Bitbucket version control system to manage code history, tracking modifications
  • Set up SFDX CLI for developers to have their own scratch orgs
  • Completed setting up VS code editor for developers to write code and deploy to scratch org/bitbucket from VS editor
  • Implemented package-based development, which took care of component dependencies using Unlocked packages

Business Impact 

Following Brillio’s implementation, the client was able to achieve the goals, and more, such as Enhanced B2B personalization, Redefined Sales Platforms, etc.

  • Increased Collaboration by 48%
  • Reduction in Integration problems by 24%

Improved version control

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