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About the Client:

The Client is a Dutch American Music Corporation and one of the leading record labels in the world.


  • The client was looking to gain deeper insights into the performance of its artists by harnessing available data across various platforms, aiming to enhance its understanding of success and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • The customer sought to leverage the power of data analysis to predict merchandise sales for the upcoming months, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance operational efficiencies, and optimize supply chain costs.
  • The client also wanted a comprehensive analysis of the artists’ performance, primarily focusing on social media engagement data and fan metrics. By scrutinizing the artists’ presence on social media platforms and examining the level of interaction and engagement, the customer aimed to gain valuable insights into the popularity and influence of each artist. Subsequently, they would develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that would serve as benchmarks for assessing success and prioritizing business efforts accordingly.


After carefully completing and prioritizing the necessary forecasts, Brillio proceeded to design a robust forecasting model built with accuracy and reliability in mind and tested rigorously to ensure its effectiveness. Once validated, the model was seamlessly deployed using Vertex AI, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform, enabling the customer to leverage the power of advanced analytics in their operations.

By adopting this data-driven approach, the customer gained a powerful tool to allocate resources effectively. With deeper insights into their artists’ performance and an accurate forecasting model, the customer could make informed decisions about resource allocation, invest in strategies with the potential for the highest returns, and foster the growth and development of their artists.


The data-driven solution offered a multitude of benefits. Firstly, accurate merchandise sales forecasting enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding inventory management, production, and distribution. Aligning operations with the forecasted demand empowered the client to minimize unnecessary expenses and reduce the risk of overstocking or shortages.

The platform was built from the ground up on GCP, leveraging native and 3rd party tools for setting the front-end applications. The platform also adheres to best practices of Data Governance to ensure seamless adoption.

Additionally, Brillio’s solution enabled supply chain optimization. By gaining the ability to accurately forecast SKU (stock-keeping unit) demand by category and artist up to three to four months ahead, the client gained valuable insights for strategic planning and resource allocation. This optimization improved operational efficiency and reduced costs associated with excess inventory or production bottlenecks.

Leveraging multiple data sources, including social media engagement, web page traffic, fan metrics, and marketing spend provided a comprehensive view of each artist’s performance, enabling the client to promote their artists more effectively and maximize their reach and impact.


Reduced Process Costs by 74%

Decreased Development Time by 95%

Improved Operational Efficiency by 17%

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