Creating Curated Personalized Integrated Shopping Experience with an Omnichannel Sales Approach

About the client:

The client is a trusted partner of a leading automotive company, serving over 3800 dealerships. The client is uniquely positioned to advise dealers on making quick and confident digital marketing decisions that meet the needs and goals of dealerships and their consumers alike.

Business Challenges:

The client was facing a challenge in delivering a personalized buying experience, as the sales process did not focus on enhancing the end customer’s micro-moments. Also, the lack of visibility of the vehicle catalog reduced the customer’s curiosity to buy. Customer engagement was also very low during the entire sales process. Therefore, they were unable to gain quality feedback and create value for customers. The low conversion rate was a consequence of the lack of seamless integration between different sales channels.

Brillio’s Solution:

The client chose Brillio to partner with and to provide strategic direction towards an “Omnichannel overhaul”. With a focus on enhancing the “Micro-Moments” of the consumer, improving customer experience, and acquiring customer feedback to create value, Brillio designed, developed, and deployed an Omnichannel Sales Solution in the form of a mobile app, focused on delivering an Integrated Shopping Experience.

Some of the key highlights of the solution:

  • Streamlined the business process from “Meet & Greet” to “Vehicle Delivery” by reducing the turnaround time.
  • Seamless integrated between the mobile app and nearby screens based on customer proximity, which is enabled by Beacon Networks. The integration of channels led to a prominent level of customer engagement, a boost in conversion rate, and revenue growth.
  • Enabled mechanisms to receive quality feedback from different levels of customer engagement, which further led to creating superior value for the customer.

Business Impact:

Brillio’s customized solution not only enhanced the customer experience but also increased the customer conversion rate and revenue. Following are some significant business results observed in the client’s growth.

  • Zero hand-offs in the car sales process from “meet & greet” to “vehicle delivery” (increased the customer conversion rate).
  • 15% Increase in revenue with upselling.
  • 10% rate by extending the app outside the dealership.
  • 9/10 application adoption rate contributing to 20% sales and still growing.

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