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About the Client:

The client is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate that provides network products and is one of the major network providers in the USA. It offers voice, data, and video services & solutions to its clients, meeting customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security, and control.


One of the main challenges faced by the client was the absence of appropriate tools to enable swift and informed decision-making by business leaders. The large volume of incoming tickets and requests, exceeding 10,000 per day, posed a considerable hurdle in effectively tracking and monitoring network operations without a live view.

The existing approach of relying on manual efforts to extract recent activities proved to be highly time-consuming and prone to errors. The client sought a more efficient solution that would allow them to gain real-time insights into Network Service Availability and enhance ticketing and change management processes. The goal was to significantly reduce resolution times, preempt extended delays, and improve preparedness in addressing reported network outages but also to enable the swift identification and resolution of potential issues, thus preventing any negative impacts on their services and customers.


In response to the client’s requirements, Brillio conducted a comprehensive series of user interviews to gain insights into the issues faced and the most recurring requests from senior stakeholders. By closely scrutinizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and actions taken, we sought to understand the pain points and dependencies on manual processes.

Following an exhaustive understanding of the processes, Brillio customized a solution to address the most in-demand activities and reduce manual touchpoints and reliance on individual efforts.

Leveraging Looker, a powerful business intelligence platform, the team developed a series of interactive dashboards catering to stakeholders at various levels within the organization, empowering end users to continually monitor network performance in real-time, instantly alerting whenever issues were reported in the system.

The dashboards played a pivotal role in improving network service availability, offering real-time visibility into critical metrics and allowing users to stay abreast of incoming ticket traffic with real-time data (up to 5 seconds ago). The ability to assess backlogs, prioritize tasks, and allocate resources accordingly enhanced the organization’s responsiveness and agility in resolving network-related challenges.

Beyond dashboard development, the Brillio team conducted in-depth data analysis to unearth opportunities for improvement, identifying redundant activities and areas within the process that adds time to the overall response window, and providing valuable recommendations for improving process efficiency.


Brillio created an integrated view that provided continuous Intelligence to analyze, learn & predict from near real-time data from both Wireline/Wireless networks. These visualizations enabled Operations, Engineering, and Planning teams to identify build needs, optimize service delivery, and dynamically control networks. 

Brillio’s solution was instrumental in consolidating all relevant information into one centralized location and providing the client’s key stakeholders with a one-stop shop for network health and ticket volume real-time monitoring and resource allocation optimization to address high-priority areas. This streamlined approach resulted in faster issue resolution and significantly improved network service availability. 

In addition to ticket management, Brillio’s solution addressed the client’s change management challenges by enabling smart scheduling mechanisms that help users plan new or existing execution requests within a safe window to avoid conflicts or clashes with other upcoming or ongoing activities.


30-40% Reduction in Call Drops

10-20% Decrease in Operational Costs

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